No dinner for me tonight

I celebrated my low cholesterol test by indulging at my company’s beer and cheese and chocolate tasting. Let’s just say that despite the large amount of beer I “tasted”, I “tasted” enough cheese and chocolate to not only keep me sober, but also probably completely reverse the awesome results of my cholesterol this morning. I am feeling a marathon-length run coming on tomorrow…

Friday Miscellany

Today my student loan balance is officially under $20k – that means I’ve paid off $10k since January! The market may be crashing down around me but I’m still doing okay financially. Now, to celebrate with a nice (but inexpensive) bottle of wine tonight :) We’re having a health fair at work so I got my cholesterol tested as a follow-up to my doctor’s visit in April. Here are my numbers:Total Cholesterol = 156 (desirable is under 200)HDL = 37 {Read More}

Wednesday night updates

Just got home from dinner, and I really really want dessert. We went for Indian food, and everyone decided it would be a good idea to have one person order a ton of stuff for the whole table to share. I was a complete snob and ordered something separate, so that I could ask for it without butter. I’m actually being really good about this whole “no food” list thanks to my cholesterol, and it’s making me more assertive about {Read More}

22 years old and already heart attack bound

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my doctor was concerned about my cholesterol and that I was getting tested for it. Well, results are in, and although my total cholesterol level isn’t too bad, my LDL level (the bad cholesterol) is almost double the normal. EEK! I went in for a follow-up on Friday, and she gave me a “no-list” of foods that I am now only allowed to have once or twice a month, max: Butter/margarineMayonnaiseCheese of any {Read More}

Maybe it’s a good thing…

I just got back from the doctor (general yearly physical; nothing is wrong). It was my first visit to her, and I actually liked her very much. However, after checking my height/weight, she remarked: “You should try to lose about 5 pounds.” Those are generally not words you want to hear come out of your doctor’s mouth. I guess it’s better than “you should try to lose about 50 pounds”, but still. I, however, being a strange bird, am slightly {Read More}