Gym Review: Chuze Fitness

We’re already one week into the New Year – how are your resolutions going? I made a few, though am still adding more. (And I will hopefully do a post on these soon.) I always love New Year’s because it means a fresh start and a time when I’m reminded to reflect on what I may want to change in my life. But I also know that January 1 is just an arbitrary day, so this year, I’m lightening up {Read More}

Class Review: Pound Fitness

The last few Saturdays, I’ve been going to a trendy new workout class that’s a ton of fun: Pound Fitness. I first heard about Pound Fitness several years ago, but never had a studio offering it near me… until now. Two months ago, I saw it on Classpass and immediately knew I wanted to check it out. I assumed it would be primarily a cardio class, so scheduled it after a 5K morning race – figuring it would be good to burn {Read More}

Class Review: Beyond Studios

I know it’s Monday, and I should be doing a report on my monthly goals… but let’s save that for tomorrow. (Spoiler alert: didn’t hit 100k steps this week. This last week of March I need to get after it!) Mondays are always tough for me since I get up by 3:30am to commute to work. While I’m usually a morning exerciser, there’s no way I’m setting my alarm any earlier than I have to with that kind of wakeup call! Instead, I {Read More}

Class Review: Burn Dallas

Have you ever put something fun on your to-do list, but then it stayed there so long that it stopped being appealing? That’s what happened to me with Burn Dallas, a new-ish fitness studio in Preston Hollow. I first heard about Burn Dallas three or four months ago, when I took a spin class with one of my favorite (now-former) Flywheel instructors, Mark. He gave me a rundown of some of the cool new openings in the area, and Burn was actually {Read More}

Class Review: Tread Fitness (Dallas, Texas)

Little late for a weekend recap, I know, but… I’m on vacation. Sorry not sorry :) In order to get down to Mexico for vacation from Denver, I had to have a layover in Dallas. (Okay, maybe not “had to”, but it was significantly cheaper than taking a nonstop when I was booking relatively late in the game.) Rather than getting up super early on Saturday morning and then just spending an hour hanging out in DFW Airport, I decided {Read More}

Why I “Love”

My goodness, where did this week go?? Here it is the weekend again, but I still haven’t written about something really cool I did last Sunday: take a private tennis lesson. I was contacted by to see if I was interested in taking a lesson and writing about their site. Was I ever! Growing up, my family lived only 1/4 mile from the tennis courts at the University of Albany (SUNY), and I have a lot of memories of {Read More}

Review: Flybarre Texas

The last week has been a very strange one for me. I traded in my office in Dallas for a courtroom in NYC (jury duty!) followed by conference calls and videochats from my living room. I was selected for Grand Jury and therefore had to defer for a few months, since Grand Jury requires three hours of service every day for four weeks, and that won’t work for my current client, where I need to be on site to prepare {Read More}

Studio Review: Bodybar Dallas

About a month ago, my friend Blake told me about a great trial offer at a Pilates/barre studio in the Dallas area – Bodybar. New clients would get a week of unlimited classes for free! A free week would be the perfect way for me to try everything they had to offer (with different classes, instructors, etc to get a good feel for it), so I jumped on the offer. However, I also wanted to pick a week when I {Read More}

Review: Physique 57 Online Workouts

When I visited the Hamptons last month, I got to take my first Physique 57 class – and I really liked it. So I was thrilled when Physique contacted me to review their online workout series! The idea of being able to take a class anywhere, anytime was really appealing, especially with my travel schedule. First up, I tried Physique Cardio. I loved that it required absolutely no equipment at all, and also didn’t require much space – I actually {Read More}

Workouts I’m Loving: Brit’s Buns of Steel and Physique 57

It’s been almost a week since I ran the Boilermaker – though I finally posted my race report yesterday. Can you believe it took me 82 minutes to run but 93 minutes to write? Now you see why I am so slow on race reports, though I am absolutely determined to get San Diego’s written before the end of July. (Hey, isn’t that what July is all about – catching up on the things I’ve been neglecting??) Anyway, it’s been so {Read More}