Race Report: Patriot’s Day 5K

Although I had just PRed the week before in Albany, Adam and I were already signed up for the Patriot’s Day 5K on Saturday September 10, and I saw no reason not to run it. I thought it would be really fun to see the difference in my times at sea level and at altitude, and I was also really looking forward to running with Adam at my side :) My friend Claire is an ambassador for 3W Races, the race {Read More}

Hiking Report: Mohawk Lakes

I arrived at the Bivvi last night, super excited for this year’s Gociety Mountain Gathering. However, after a drink at the bar and another at Breckenridge Brewery, I nearly got talked into trading today’s summit of Father Dyer Peak for a late morning hike to Mohawk Lakes. But I really wanted to do a strenuous hike, so I forced myself to get up early for the Father Dyer hike. As luck would have it, we ended up at Mohawk Lakes anyway! The {Read More}

Gociety Mountain Gathering Weekend

I’m on my way home to Denver from Dallas, and am really excited this weekend to be headed out to Breckenridge for the annual Gociety Mountain Gathering! Gociety is kind of like Meetup.com – it’s free to join, and members create various plans for others to join. Unlike Meetup, though, you don’t have to go seek out groups to join – it’s one big group for people who like the outdoors, and once you register for the site, you can {Read More}

The Joy of the Never Ending Run

On Thursday, I wrote a post about a run that ruined my day. But on the flip side, I want to write a short post about a run today that went way better than expected. Thursday night, I developed a nasty knot in my right hamstring. I didn’t know what it had come from – my run that morning? The deadlifts I had done Wednesday morning? Some new moves I had done in a Pilates reformer class Tuesday night? The strain didn’t really make {Read More}

Hiking Report: Mount Bierstadt (14,060 feet)

This delayed hiking report is from my summit of Mount Bierstadt on Tuesday, July 5th. I didn’t mean to delay this much in writing it! However, the few weeks in between when I did the hike and finished writing it up has also given me some fresh perspective… I had a four day weekend (Saturday July 2nd till Tuesday July 5th), and while it kind of started off slowly and lazily, it ended on a literal high note! As I {Read More}

Birthday Nostalgia

Yesterday was my birthday, and like last year’s extravaganza, I kicked off the celebrations by hosting a house party the night before. I went with a summery theme for the food, making a whole bunch of dips (French onion, buffalo chicken, crab dip, and yogurt fruit dip), two massive pots of low country boil, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. I also muddled some basil with lemonade for a simple drink that could either be non-alcoholic as a standalone, or mixed with vodka or {Read More}

Race Report: Superior Mile

I wrote on Friday about my July goal of “eating the frog” first thing every morning. Even before I woke up today, I knew what my frog was going to be: some quality time in front of my computer, writing this blog post. This Fourth of July, I am so excited that I got to be home for my town’s annual one mile race; I was really excited to see how fast I could go. So that race was technically the first {Read More}

Race Report: Denver Heart Run 5K

Every year, my company forms a team and hosts events to raise money for the annual Denver Heart Walk. In the past, I’ve donated money, but this year, I decided to also sign up for the “competitive” 5K run that’s offered. The night before the race, I started thinking about what kind of pace I wanted to run. Although I ran a 5K in April and shocked myself with a crazy fast new PR, I had rationalized that I was {Read More}

Church Shopping for Lent: The Results

I wrote yesterday about being stressed, and I’m happy to report that I got 7.5 hours of sleep last night and am feeling a lot better today! Sleep definitely affects my mood a lot, and I’m definitely going to try to prioritize it more. Eight hours tonight? Not happening with my 5:30am spin class, but maybe I can get another seven hours if I write this post quickly! One thing that I’ve been making time for on the weekends, and {Read More}

Stressed Out: Time to Take Action

It’s Monday, and… ugh. I had a pretty lonely and frustrating weekend, with the exception of a small get together to watch the Oscars last night. Is it sad and workaholic-ish that I’m excited to go back to work just to get away from my personal life? (Except also, not excited for work because it has gotten rather stressful with far too much for me to do. I need to clone myself to have any hope of tackling my ever-growing {Read More}