Getting and Giving Recognition

My firm’s fiscal year runs July through June, which means that April is an anxious month of building your case for a stellar year-end review, May is an anxious month of waiting for your review to happen (but having no idea how it went)… and then in June, we finally get our results. The month culminates with a big Promotion Day celebration sponsored by each of the local offices, and it’s always a lot of fun. There are a few {Read More}

Five Things I Like About Night Shift

We’re already almost halfway through June, and that means that my project’s huge go-live is less than 3 weeks away. I’ve been working on this project for 2.5 years (which is basically the equivalent of at least five normal-length projects in consulting), so it’s hard to believe that the big day is almost here. But along with that big day comes… night shift. I survived night shifts in back in January, when we had our release 1 go-live, and in fact, {Read More}

No More Night Shifts: What I Learned

The big launch I had at work this week went incredibly smoothly, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is it a huge professional success, but the lack of major problems meant that instead of having to pull night shifts for three weeks (and we all saw how crazy I was with the lack of sleep I got on night shifts), I’m done with night shifts and get to work a normal schedule from here on out. Yippee! I’m still working on {Read More}

Weekend Trip: Park City, Utah

This weekend was really a slam dunk. First, I headed home from Dallas early on Thursday in order to meet up with a team of analysts I was coaching for a work extracurricular. In short, the analyst teams were tasked with coming up with a way to improve our firm – and after the first round cuts brought the teams down to five, each team in the finals got to present their ideas to the most senior leaders in our {Read More}

Tweaking my workout plan to ensure success

I’ve written a lot before about how I often use my Monday morning/Thursday evening flights for a little reset ritual. My Monday through Thursday life in Dallas is very different than my Friday through Sunday life in New York, and it’s nice to have that transition time and separation. Work-life balance is such a buzzword these days, and consulting is notorious for blurring the lines. Fortunately, I find that traveling really helps to separate between my home time and my {Read More}

Early Rising in October

Remember how I did Alcohol-Free August? And then the half-assedly-titled Get-Smarter-In-September? Well, I did a little month-long habit forming challenge in October, too; I just didn’t write about it till now. For the month of October, I vowed to wake up earlier every day. With my job, it’s really difficult to work out at night. I never know if I’m going to get to leave the office at 6pm (OMG early day!) or 10pm. Even if I do get out {Read More}

The Monday Night Plan

Today has been a long day. On Mondays, I wake up at 5am in order to dash to the airport for my 6:30am flight. (I used to get up at 4:30am until I learned to shower and dry my hair the night before… apologies to coworkers for my messy hair and often complete lack of makeup on Mondays.) It’s not really all that crazy early – I’ve certainly done worse for marathons, and know many of you who get up {Read More}

To fake it or not to fake it?

Yesterday, I made what was apparently a really big faux pas. While at an offsite event in Miami, I decided not to drink for the night. I know, the horror, right? But judging by how many times people asked me to explain again why I wasn’t drinking, you’d think I had committed some unforgivably rude and terrible act. I started out by explaining I wasn’t in the mood (truth), and then switched to saying I’d decided to start Alcohol-Free August {Read More}

How I’ve tested my stress response today

Back from vacation. Real post coming soon. But in the meantime, a quick list! How I’ve tested my stress response today: 1. Continued working through the 89234082348 emails that have accumulated in my inbox while I was on vacation. (Note to self: do not ever take vacation ever again unless retiring immediately after. Too hard to come back.) 2. Took my client up on the offer to try a Crossfit class in the parking lot during lunch (yes, in the {Read More}

Acting with Intention

One of the most eye-opening things about my retreat this week has been seeing how there are a lot of people dealing with the same things. Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy to spend so much time stressing about the food choices I make and working out on the road – I mean, thinking about these things that much has to be some kind of eating/exercise disorder, right? I’m very conscious of the fact that I read a lot of {Read More}