I’m a Greatist!

I am very proud and very excited today to announce… my first Greatist article was published today! The topic I picked for my article should come as no surprise: Why Alcohol is Good For You. When I saw that appear on the “content list” of potential topics, I knew I couldn’t resist – and I was shocked how much research I was able to find on the subject. (Then again, who doesn’t like being forced to drink in the name {Read More}

Homesickness and a Free Figure 4 Class!

Sometimes it can be really tough for me to be away from home all the time. I get jealous of my friends at home who are able to to do the little things, like cook dinner or meet up on a weeknight. Last night, it hit me particularly hard – I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before (was up stressing about a bunch of things), and when we wrapped up work around 7:30pm, all I wanted {Read More}

Working out to work my energy up

I have been yawning all day. I’m starting to realize that this travel schedule is wreaking habit on my sleep schedule (yes, even despite second sleep, which doesn’t work now that I’ve switched to nonstop flights and need to spend the single flight preparing for the workday). On Mondays, I have to be up at 4:30am to get to Dallas by 9:30am (for the record, that does not include a workout), and then on Thursdays I get home at 12:30am {Read More}

Taking some "me" time

Sometimes, I just can’t do it all. I try. I try very hard. Most of my friends say that I’m the busiest person they know – and I really like it that way. I love bouncing from one thing to the next – from a long run to brunch to an off-Broadway show to a yoga class to dinner with my Dad to my best friend’s apartment for a movie (that is my actual plan for Sunday at the moment… {Read More}

Can I have a Valentine’s do-over?

If I had time to write this post earlier in the day, you would be reading a very different post. You would be reading a post about how I love Valentine’s Day. How even if you’re single, it’s a chance to wish your friends/family/loved ones a special day. How if you’re a single, it’s a chance to pamper yourself and make the day all about the things you love. This morning, I sent Starbucks gift cards to my parents and {Read More}

Managing myself: the weekend plan

It’s time for my favorite part of the work week… the flight home! Okay, half-kidding about that. I’m actually really loving my job more and more now that I’m moving into a managerial role – I’m totally a people-person, and I love making task lists and organizing things, so it suits me really well. Of course, management has its challenges – it’s scary to be the one that’s blamed if anything goes wrong, and I have to quadruple-check everything – {Read More}

My new gym

A new project means many things. It means new flights (will I have to go to bed at 9pm on Sunday nights to wake up for a 5am flight? Will I get home at 6pm on Thursdays or not until midnight?). It means new working hours (Will this team start work at 8am, 9am, or somewhere in between? Will these be coworkers that are big on team dinners, so I never get to my hotel till 11pm?). And, since I’m {Read More}

16 hour day… and still going

Today has been crazy. To catch my 6am flight out of Charlottesville (tear!), I had to be up at 4:30am. Because I am an absolute nut and I really wanted to do yoga in the morning, that meant waking up at 4am (probably should have been sooner, but I rushed like crazy through my getting ready routine). Upshot? I got up super duper early, but was really proud of myself for getting a workout in. When there’s a will, there’s {Read More}

New project, new me

On Wednesday, I start a brand new project. Along with the anticipation of new coworkers to meet and new work challenges to face, the week or so leading up to a new project also creates a bit of personal anxiety: how will this project affect my health and fitness? Long-time readers of the blog know that the traveling lifestyle of a consultant has always been a challenge for me. Monday mornings, I wake up at 4:30am just to shower and {Read More}


TGIT? Nope, not a typo. Thank Goodness It’s Thursday! My consulting buddy Adam and I often joke about Thursdays being the “consultant’s Friday,” because in the crazy world of consulting, we travel to our clients on Monday morning and return home on Thursday evening. While Friday doesn’t quite become a three day weekend, we have the choice of working from our local office or from home on Fridays – and unless there’s an event or other reason to go into {Read More}