How to Choose Your Fall Marathon

My good friend Adam recently chose Detroit Marathon as his big fall race. Unlike me, Adam is pretty serious about training for a fast time, and he usually does one all-out effort per season. I, on the other hand, and more likely to do half a dozen races per season, but just “for fun” and not as races. Let’s face it, running in a marathon is a great excuse to go see a new place :)  I know that most {Read More}

Race Report: ING New York City Marathon (Part 1)

I didn’t sleep well the night before the race, waking up multiple times throughout the night. When my alarm finally went off, I didn’t feel my best – and that was compounded by the fact that my upper back/neck was super tight. Clearly I had been stressing out a lot more than I thought if it was enough to aggravate my old muscle injury! Fortunately, one night of stressing wasn’t enough to put me into agonizing pain, and I was {Read More}

Thank You!

Today was one of the most magical days of my life, and it’s mostly due to all my incredible friends and family who supported me on such a beautiful day. Of course a full race report is to come, but the short version is my legs are fine (“after all, they are mine” / I actually didn’t listen to any Fun during the race; just the fun of the spectators!) while my face is insanely sore from smiling so hard {Read More}

99 Marathons in Review: One by One

One question I get asked a lot is whether I get sick of running marathons. There was definitely a time when I did get sick of running marathons – mostly in 2009 when I went through a period of depression and was forcing myself to keep doing marathons just to meet my goal. But every single marathon I’ve done has been special, and every time I cross the finish line, it is honestly just as magical as that very first {Read More}

How to Run Two Marathons in Six Weeks

There’s been a lot of great weather for racing lately – Chicago was held on a near perfect day (where the winner was less than a minute from the marathon world record!), and I also just ran the Hartford Marathon that weekend which was similarly lovely. However, sometimes even when the weather is perfect, it’s just not your day… and you want to run another race. (Or, maybe you had so much fun you can’t wait to do it again!) {Read More}

Race Report: Niagara Falls Marathon

Friday started out uneventfully enough – flying from Dallas to Atlanta to Buffalo. The only unusual thing was how tired I was – I ended up actually taking a nap on the Atlanta to Buffalo leg, which was very unusual for me! My mother was driving from Albany to Buffalo and we met at the airport without a hitch… but it was when we tried to cross the border into Canada that we ran into some difficulty. I carry my {Read More}

Race Report: Nike Women’s Marathon

When I last left off, I had run the gorgeous Rockaway Marathon in 4:23 – a 10:00 pace that I consider completely respectable for my own abilities, but that left me feeling surprisingly good. No matter how many marathons I run and how used to it my muscles get, my feet usually hurt when I finish each one (that pain typically goes away after just one night of sleep). This time, perhaps thanks to the wooden boardwalk that made up {Read More}

Race Report: Rockaway Marathon

Carb loading on Friday night did not go so well. It started out with an incredible Italian restaurant I had never before tried, Trattoria Zero Otto Nove. As an appetizer, BF and I enjoyed delectable pizza – we both agreed it was among the best we’d had (and it wasn’t even thin crust, which I am usually partial to!). For my entree, I chose a mafalde (ribbon pasta) with sausage. Ever the foodie, I could tell that the pasta was {Read More}

75th Marathon: Coast to Coast Challenge!

Though I just got my recap of last weekend up yesterday, tonight kicks off another busy and exciting weekend. It all began when I finally took the time to tally up my marathons (in an Excel worksheet, obviously) and realized that I was starting to approach the 75 mark. With our decimal number system that has 75 as a big important number (it’s 3/4 of the way to 100!), I wanted to do something exciting for my 75th marathon. At {Read More}

How long does it take to recover from a marathon?

Today I am still incredibly sore from my lifting session on Monday night. I guess psyching myself up to do well beforehand really does help! On the downside, I was planning to lift again this morning, but didn’t really want to do it when I was already so sore that I was waddling instead of walking normally. As the day has gone on, the soreness has eased up at least a bit, so my plan is to lift tonight instead. {Read More}