Surviving My First Blog Conference: BLEND Retreat 2013

This weekend, I was lucky enough to go to Utah for a really neat event: the BLEND Retreat. While BLEND is written in all caps like an acronym, it’s actually a cute little portmanteau for Blogging Friends. I love the “Blends” I’ve made writing this blog, traveling for races, and at fitness events in NYC, so what better way to meet lots of new “Blends” than a weekend retreat to one of my favorite states in the country? (It also {Read More}

I’m an animal!

After my post yesterday morning about how much I sucked at weight lifting, it should come as no surprise that I was looking for any opportunity to better my fitness. Therefore, when I received a last minute invite to join some other fun area bloggers for a “Hunger Games”-inspired workout with Daily Burn, I immediately accepted… but I worried about what this would entail. Archery? Wall climbing? Boxing? I’m not even remotely good at any of the three of those, {Read More}

Lumps and all, the body of an athlete

Lately, I have not been too happy with my body. Namely, I’ve been unhappy with the way my tummy has grown round, creating a muffin top of beer and nachos and margaritas when I wear my favorite jeans. While I still believe in eating all these things in moderation, I need to get better about making sure that “moderation” does not mean “every single night.” It has become less common for me to eat a healthy meal than it is {Read More}

Fabulously Fit Friday

Today has gone mostly as planned. Woke up at 6am and headed over to Central Park, where I met Katelyn, and we jogged across the park and down 86th Street to Athleta UES. We were taking a “cardio conditioning” class, and for reasons unbeknownst to us, we were told to bring a yoga mat. In case you were wondering how much a yoga mat weighs, it is approximately 50 pounds (not the 5 pounds that I would have guessed). At {Read More}


TGIT? Nope, not a typo. Thank Goodness It’s Thursday! My consulting buddy Adam and I often joke about Thursdays being the “consultant’s Friday,” because in the crazy world of consulting, we travel to our clients on Monday morning and return home on Thursday evening. While Friday doesn’t quite become a three day weekend, we have the choice of working from our local office or from home on Fridays – and unless there’s an event or other reason to go into {Read More}

Recognized by a fan

In New York, people don’t talk to each other on the streets. This trait is learned very quickly as a result of the crazies. One particular breed of crazy is the comedy club promoter. They typically hang out in tourist areas, though not always, and usually have some kind of original catchphrase, like, “do you like to laugh?” If you say yes, they will give you a quarter card. If you try to be clever and say no, they will {Read More}


I’m currently sitting on the sidewalk outside the Marriott, watching fire trucks pull up and firefighters stream into the building. Around 3:30, a siren started going off in my room. My first thought was, “man, the alarm clock at this hotel is sure annoying.” I then realized it was not, in fact, time to get up, and that it was the fire alarm. I threw on some gym clothes and my new running sneakers – not because I was so {Read More}

2 days before the marathon!

In true RazzDoodle fashion, here is a bulleted list of my Friday. Ate the most perfect carb-loading marathon-prep breakfast ever. Whole wheat french toast, dipped in egg whites (low cholesterol!), then dipped in rolled oats, with low sugar (but none of that fake sugar crap) maple syrup. Topped with fresh strawberries and bananas. I did not make this recipe up – it’s from the Marriott, if you can believe it! Awesome. Went to Marathon Sports and picked up my very {Read More}

Breaking all the pre-marathon training rules

There are a lot of things you’re supposed to do to train for a marathon. Being a rebel, I have broken pretty much all of these tenets. It’s kind of a miracle I’m not crippled for life. 1. Build up your training gradually and have a set plan for whatever marathon you’ve chosen.My plan goes like this: I want to do a marathon. Hmm, that marathon sounds fun, and it’s in France! I’ve always wanted to go to France, and {Read More}

Second half-marathon coming up!

Legs are sore. It’s pouring out. And my cute pacing buddy from yesterday just invited me to spend a lazy Sunday with him… in New York. Why am I in Providence and about to attempt another half-marathon??? Because I am super excited and full of adrenaline!!! Pop the ibuprofen, grab the ziplock bag for my iPod and the trash bags to wear over my clothes, and stay out of my way… I’m going to rock this race!!!