Race Report: NYRR 8000

Most people plan their running. They plan which races they’re going to run, they plan when and how they will train, they plan their rest days, and they even sometimes plan their drinking so as not to mess up their training schedule. Me? My style is a bit more ad hoc. Which is why I decided while nearly blackout drunk at 2 AM on Friday night that I would run the NYRR 8000 yesterday morning. The decision was prompted by {Read More}

Running inspiration: Tasti D and blogger playlists

Yesterday I went for a quick Tasti D run. I hadn’t done one in so long, and Boston doesn’t even have Tasti D! I know, unbelievable. To any of my Boston readers: what kind of all-natural low-cal frozen yogurt is in Boston and where can I get it? I checked for Wow Cow and it seems to be in Needham, which sounds far. I’m living/working/working out in Boston proper, so if you know any places, let me know! Robeks is {Read More}

You Know You’re a Crazy Running Blogger When… #6

You spend your long runs thinking up pithy titles and creative content for new blog posts. Stay tuned to see the results…

And now, live from my workout!

This post is coming to you direct from… the treadmill. As in, I am walking on the treadmill right now while typing this. How cool is that?! I’m staying at the Westin Copley Square this week, and while I was initially dismayed to find out that this particular Westin has discontinued the RunWestin program (where they have a “running concierge” who leads group running tours of the city every morning), I was mollified by getting a surprise: I got one {Read More}

Race Report: Bronx Half-Marathon

I was exhausted all day Saturday, and really not looking forward to the race. I did get myself to run to NYRR and back (~5 miles) in order to register and pick up my packet, which then made me committed. On Saturday night I tried to get to bed early (like, 8 or 9 PM – that’s how tired I was), but was up till 11. When my alarm went off at 6, I was less than thrilled. Actually, I {Read More}

You Know You’re a Crazy Running Blogger When… #2 and #3 (double delight!)

I caught up on my running blog reading for the last two days – it took me more than three hours. I really hope I am never away from Google Reader for a week, or I will really be in trouble. Total count: 60 subscriptions. And that doesn’t include the diet/fitness blogs, which I haven’t yet caught up on. I’ll put all of these up in some type of sidebar eventually, but I’m feeling a little lazy right now, and {Read More}

You Know You’re a Crazy Running Blogger When… #1

Inspired by Jessica’s list of Things I’ve Learned from Blogging, and Half-Fast’s Advice for New Runners, I thought I’d start a series of posts called “You Know You’re a Crazy Running Blogger When.” Rather than one list, I’ll add a short post every time I get inspired. Today’s topic? Googling for other people who ran the same race as you. It all started when I checked my StatCounter and found that someone had gotten to my blog by searching for {Read More}