2.5 Minute “Arms Too Sore” Bodyweight Circuit

After yesterday’s post on what to do when you get free time, I ended up with a spare fifteen minutes between the end of my meetings and a client dinner. I was dangerously close to hitting up Twitter myself when I realized the hypocrisy of my plans – that was exactly the habit I was trying to avoid! Instead, I realized that while I didn’t have time to hit the gym for a workout, I did have time for a {Read More}

15 Minute Power Pyramid

I’m looking at buying some property upstate, so yesterday, I caught a bus up to Albany where my parents live. My mom and I had a very low-key night at home, but I was very grateful to get to enjoy the bounty of her CSA for a simple yet delicious organic dinner of veggies and farro. Yum! After that, off to bed – because that’s how my crazy Friday nights roll :) This morning, before heading up to Saratoga to {Read More}

Two runs, two ways

Today I ran twice. I know, I know, I haven’t run for a few weeks due to some calf issues, but now that I come back I run twice in a day? What can I say, go big or go home! In all seriousness, it was more that there were two group run opportunities that I really wanted to try. The first was at 6:30am – a coworker who is new to running asked me to be his running buddy, {Read More}

Pushing it too hard

Today I woke up in a great mood – and, for once, recognizing that life was great. I actually hadn’t slept very well due to some nightmares, but when I thought about what the nightmares were about (as stupid as it sounds, I dreamed that I sent a rude reply to a coworker’s email and that my boss called me out on it), I realized that life had to be good if something that silly could keep me up at {Read More}

"Back" to reality: working on my posture

Last week, my back started hurting like crazy. Not in a “something is wrong” way; more just in a “your muscles weren’t meant to be sitting in front of a computer fourteen hours a day” kind of way. My bad. By Thursday, it had gotten to the point where I was so desperate for relief, I considered asking a coworker to just hold up their hand so I could jam my back into it repeatedly in an attempt to get {Read More}

Establishing my Dallas routine

They say that the most successful people are those who have routines – and I’m excited that I finally seem to be getting into some routine healthy behavior here in Dallas! It looks like I’ll be down here for another year at least, so it’s high time that I made my Dallas life start working for me in the long term. A few weeks ago, I started checking out the Crossfit class that’s held out in the parking lot at {Read More}

TGIT: Crushing It At Crossfit

I woke up this morning with a start to my alarm – it was too dark and all I wanted was to go back to sleep. But after hitting snooze, I realized I was waking up and wasn’t going to get back to bed. Besides, I had planned a lifting workout. Time to go! I wouldn’t say I killed it at the gym by any means – I wasn’t using heavier weights than the last time and I wasn’t getting {Read More}