Race Report: Tal Morrison 5K

After running over 100 marathons, a lot of my friends/coworkers think of me as a serious runner. “But wait,” I tell them, “I’m not a serious runner! My marathon times are fairly mediocre, and these days, I barely run at all!” Sometimes the person will then try to prove me wrong by asking me how much I ran this week, to which I’ll reply something like, “Ummm, probably 2-3 miles total on the treadmill over the course of a few interval classes. {Read More}

Class Review: Beyond Studios

I know it’s Monday, and I should be doing a report on my monthly goals… but let’s save that for tomorrow. (Spoiler alert: didn’t hit 100k steps this week. This last week of March I need to get after it!) Mondays are always tough for me since I get up by 3:30am to commute to work. While I’m usually a morning exerciser, there’s no way I’m setting my alarm any earlier than I have to with that kind of wakeup call! Instead, I {Read More}

Class Review: Burn Dallas

Have you ever put something fun on your to-do list, but then it stayed there so long that it stopped being appealing? That’s what happened to me with Burn Dallas, a new-ish fitness studio in Preston Hollow. I first heard about Burn Dallas three or four months ago, when I took a spin class with one of my favorite (now-former) Flywheel instructors, Mark. He gave me a rundown of some of the cool new openings in the area, and Burn was actually {Read More}

TGI Flyday – and Cheers to a New Beginning!

In most of my consulting work where I’ve had to travel, the typical schedule is that you’re on site Monday through Thursday. Although we work from home (or in our local office) on Fridays, the fact that we actually get to go home and sleep in our own beds is always cause of celebration, so people will sometimes refer to Thursday as “consulting Friday”. My preferred Thursday catchphrase, though, is “TGI Flyday!” It’s been both a year since I’ve been {Read More}

Fact: I Work Out to Improve My Body

I came across this article last week: The F*ed Up Thing So Many Fitness Instructors Do. After reading, I was rather annoyed by it. I intended to write a fiery post shortly thereafter, but ended up not having the time. However, after I shared it in my Links I Love yesterday and Becky commented, I decided it was worth my time to draw a bit more attention to it. The article starts by quoting an (admittedly rude) comment from a fitness instructor, {Read More}

Who Says You Can’t Go Home? (But Where Is Home?)

I had planned to (finally) do a post today about my New Year’s resolutions, and what my specific goals for 2015 are. Instead, I find myself looking back instead of forward… Yesterday, I flew from Denver back to Dallas in order to help facilitate a training class today. I was excited about the trip – I thought it would be a nice chance to catch up with friends and get back to the city that I used to work in {Read More}

Class Review: Tread Fitness (Dallas, Texas)

Little late for a weekend recap, I know, but… I’m on vacation. Sorry not sorry :) In order to get down to Mexico for vacation from Denver, I had to have a layover in Dallas. (Okay, maybe not “had to”, but it was significantly cheaper than taking a nonstop when I was booking relatively late in the game.) Rather than getting up super early on Saturday morning and then just spending an hour hanging out in DFW Airport, I decided {Read More}

Sponsored: No More Planned Trips; Surprises Only!

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Millennial Central Consulting for Marriott Rewards. I received Marriott Points to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Guess what? I’m actually in Colorado… for good. My project in Dallas has ended, and now I’ll be working on a project right here in Colorado this fall! I’m kind of in a little bit of shock over this. This week has been pretty surreal. I’ve been {Read More}

Dallas Restaurant Review: HG Sply Co

What is a healthy meal? To some people, it’s one that’s low in calories. They will eat a steady diet of Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Lean Cuisine, and think they’re doing something good for their body. In my opinion, that’s not always the healthiest way to go. A low calorie diet will lead to weight loss, but isn’t necessarily high in nutrients or really good for your body. Don’t get me wrong, I have been counting calories using MyFitnessPal (friend me!) {Read More}

Shoe Review: New Balance Fresh Foam 980s

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sneak preview of a shoe that hasn’t even been released to the general public yet – the New Balance Fresh Foam 980s! These babies don’t come out officially until Friday, so I was really thrilled to give them an early test run today. The second I opened the box, I loved the look. Mine came in blue aster with hot pink & white accents, which I just thought looked great. {Read More}