No More Night Shifts: What I Learned

The big launch I had at work this week went incredibly smoothly, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is it a huge professional success, but the lack of major problems meant that instead of having to pull night shifts for three weeks (and we all saw how crazy I was with the lack of sleep I got on night shifts), I’m done with night shifts and get to work a normal schedule from here on out. Yippee! I’m still working on {Read More}

Are “Fitness Cults” a Bad Thing?

Today I went to a Fly90 class (that’s a fancy way of saying a 90 minute spin class), and honestly wasn’t having a great ride. The instructors were amazing – Ryan Makely is my absolute favorite New York instructor, and he was joined by Danielle Devine (who’s also very popular, though I had never taken her before) and three instructors from the London branch of Flywheel. Cool! But I was just exhausted, and could tell right from the first song {Read More}

Decorating Myself and Three Trees – Happy Holidays!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the last few weeks have been exhausting – and it is so nice that tonight I had no plans and am able to stay home in my own little bed and catch up on things! (Okay, so maybe I did have plans and canceled them… sometimes I need a break.) But don’t feel too sorry for me – while I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately, it’s been for a lot of wonderful reasons. {Read More}

New Travel Hotspot: Centurion Lounge at DFW

Today I’m finally traveling home to NYC after nearly a month in Dallas, and oh my goodness, this has been a crazy last few weeks. I thought that staying in Dallas for the month of December was going to be relaxing and give me a chance to catch up on everything, but as you can probably tell by my dearth of posting (pretty much just Links I Love and some reviews for products that had deadlines), I have barely had {Read More}

Get More Energy by Giving More Energy

How has it been for me giving up caffeine this month? Not so good. I chose this goal in large part because I was hoping it would encourage me to sleep more, but I’ve recently found that even when I arrange a free morning where I can sleep as late as I want, the most I can get myself to sleep is 7.5 hours. I determined a few years ago on a solo vacation that 8 hours a night is {Read More}

Review: Flybarre Texas

The last week has been a very strange one for me. I traded in my office in Dallas for a courtroom in NYC (jury duty!) followed by conference calls and videochats from my living room. I was selected for Grand Jury and therefore had to defer for a few months, since Grand Jury requires three hours of service every day for four weeks, and that won’t work for my current client, where I need to be on site to prepare {Read More}

A Quick Bit of Complete Honesty

I’m still behind on race reports. Although I posted my Adirondack Marathon report on Monday, I ran the Yonkers Marathon last Sunday but haven’t even started wrtiing the race report yet. Part of the reason for that is that Yonkers really sucked, but my big confession is that it made me feel like I’m kind of burnt out on marathons. Yonkers wasn’t any fun, and yet I had to run it anyway so that I’d still be on track to {Read More}

Studio Review: Bodybar Dallas

About a month ago, my friend Blake told me about a great trial offer at a Pilates/barre studio in the Dallas area – Bodybar. New clients would get a week of unlimited classes for free! A free week would be the perfect way for me to try everything they had to offer (with different classes, instructors, etc to get a good feel for it), so I jumped on the offer. However, I also wanted to pick a week when I {Read More}

Race Report: Hottest Half

On Saturday night, I had realized that I left my Garmin back home in NYC. While I had kind of freaked out about that at the time, the good news was that my freak out was out of the way. I woke up feeling okay – not very well-rested, and having had lots of bad dreams (including one about , but that had really been the case all week. So much for my month of Breathe and trying to relax more! {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Hottest Half

This weekend, I stuck around Dallas – but brought one of my best friends from New York to join in the fun. After a stressful day of meetings on Friday, I was thrilled to welcome Theodora to Texas with some margaritas and Mexican :) Along with Blake, her husband JP, and our friend Kaycee, we decided to really show her all around Uptown. We started with a happy hour at the Place at Perry’s, moved onto Gloria’s for Latin dinner {Read More}