August Challenge: Breathe

As you can probably tell from my dearth of posts this week, it’s been a bit crazy around here lately. Despite my knowing that stress and lack of sleep is a major contributor to my stupid neck/back pain, this week has been filled with a lot of stress and not enough sleep. Oops! But I’m hoping that this weekend will allow me a chance to catch up and feel more like I’ve got my act together. (Who¬†doesn’t love opening up {Read More}

Interview with VBarre Founder Veronica Combs

For the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to try out sessions of a new class at New York Sports Club – VBarre. “Vbarre transcends the typical ballet barre exercise class by blending ballet, Pilates and resistance training into a calorie-burning workout. The result is a lean and sculpted body in minimal time. Choreographed movements using a ballet barre, light weights and a glide board are set to motivating music.” After two months of classes at NYSC, I have {Read More}

VBarre Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, I won a contest offered by Well and Good NYC for a free Figure 4 class for me and my friends. As you may remember, I opened it to all blog readers – and we ended up with quite a turnout! This was my first “real” barre experience (I had taken a Hot Figure 4 class once before via Ashley, but since I had a marathon that weekend, I went really easy instead of all out), {Read More}

Foodie Weekend

This weekend was very different than any I’ve had in a long time. It started out the same – with a full schedule of workouts and meetups with friends. But it ended up with me having spent most of the weekend in bed catching up on my DVR, aside from a few dinners out. And that was exactly what I needed. It’s no secret that work has been pretty stressful for me lately. Fortunately, I only have one more week {Read More}

Running (and dancing and eating and drinking) with friends

When I laid out my plans for the weekend on Thursday, I didn’t fully intend to accomplish all of them. That was a lot of workouts schedule for just one two day weekend! However, I ended up doing all but one, and had a ball in the process. Viva la busy lifestyle! I woke up on Saturday surprisingly sore – presumably from the bootcamp I attended with Katelyn on Friday morning. When I caught up with her later in the {Read More}

Bet you didn’t know about THESE "traditional" holiday activities

“Free at last, free at last, thank the Lord I’m free at last!” Okay, so maybe work wasn’t quite that bad yesterday, but I am still pretty thrilled that I’m done and don’t have to work for TEN DAYS. Incredible. My plans for the period mostly involve working out and drinking, which, let’s be honest, are two of the best ways to spend a vacation. Speaking of working out and drinking, let’s talk about the family gathering I attended last {Read More}