Weekend Recap: Short and Sweet

What a quick weekend! I got home at 11pm Thursday night, and had to be out the door at 4:30am Friday to do a volunteer shift at Denver Rescue Mission before work. It was a busy day at work, coupled with another volunteer activity in the afternoon – this one at Girls Inc. A group of my colleagues organized an event where we led the girls in various activities. I was responsible for the cookie decorating station, which was definitely {Read More}

Why I Weigh Myself Every Day (Review: EatSmart Digital Scale)

This morning, I jumped on my scale after waking up (and doing my 10/20/30 and hitting the bathroom). I was pretty pumped to see that my weight is the lowest it’s been in seven years, and more than ten pounds from where I was two years ago. And the best part is, because I weigh myself every day, I know this isn’t some crazy anomaly. There is a common piece of advice in the weight loss world that you shouldn’t weigh {Read More}

A Small Change to My Snacking Habit (Sponsored by Somersaults)

This post was sponsored by Somersaults as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. I’ve written before about how little changes can add up to big results, and how one of my 2017 new year’s resolutions is to start each day with a very small healthy habit. Every morning, the very first thing I do after getting out of bed is 10 pushups, 20 lunges, and 30 plank shoulder taps. {Read More}

June Goal Progress: Week 2 Check In

Wow, halfway through the month already? I have had one day where I went over my self-imposed limit of 25 grams of sugar per day, but for the most part, this has been smooth sailing. When my friend Erika first got me into the no-sugar challenge last summer, she recommended a different approach. Rather than trying to deal with the minutiae of tallying up foods to figure out grams of sugar, we were supposed to just give up desserts or anything with added {Read More}

June Goal Progress: Week 1 Check In

Time for a challenge update! After my first week of limiting my sugar to 25 grams or fewer per day, I now feel kind of guilty that I’ve been putting off doing a sugar-free challenge for a few months. This first week, at least, was really not that bad at all! I might actually go so far as to say that it’s been the easiest first week of any of my challenges this year. I’ve been using My Fitness Pal {Read More}

The “Runger” is Real

When I joined my current project in Dallas, several of my coworkers advised me that Fitbits were really popular with the team, so I found one on sale and bought it for myself. For several months, we’ve been doing weekly challenges (“The Workweek Hustle”) to compete against each others’ step counts. However, in the last month or two, one of my coworkers has really stepped up his game and gotten competitive… to the point where if someone hasn’t synced their steps {Read More}

The Double Whammy of a Sleep Shortage

The beginning of my week when I’m on the road is rather rough. Every Monday, I catch a 6am flight to my client, which means I have to get up around 4am to be out of the house and on my way to the airport by 4:20am. (Yes, I keep my Monday morning routine as short as possible.) This week, unfortunately, I set my alarm wrong and accidentally got up at 3am instead of 4am – and got as far as {Read More}

Speak Up for Science-Based Nutritional Guidelines

Since Adam and I started dating, I’ve had to get used to feeding a four year old – and the responsibility of making sure that he eats nutritious, balanced meals is one I don’t take lightly. It’s tough when kids are picky eaters, but what’s even harder is figuring out exactly what we should be feeding them. The USDA food pyramid calls for 6-11 servings of grains, 3-5 servings of vegetables, 2-4 servings of fruit, 2-3 servings of dairy, and 2-3 servings {Read More}

How “Gaming” Suppressed My Appetite

A few weeks ago, Amazon had a day where they offered lots of apps for free. I ended up downloading a bunch of apps for my Kindle, including a few games. And the one I’ve been playing the most? Sonic The Hedgehog 2, of course. I loved Sonic when I was a kid, probably because I didn’t own a Sega and so I could only play it at my friends’ houses. Getting to play it anytime I want? Outstanding. (Though {Read More}

Sponsored: Adora Calcium’s Chocolate Supplements

Before I kicked off with my weekend on Friday with Adam, I wrote up a quick post about how my June challenge is going so far. This weekend didn’t end up being a weekend that I stuck to healthy eating perfectly, but I also didn’t wake up this morning thinking I totally blew it. As part of our Father’s Day celebrations, we went to San Tan Brewery for a tour of the facilities as well as lunch – and while {Read More}