Is Gluten Bad for You?

This is a collaborative post written in partnership with Catherine Lavinia. I wrote yesterday about how I’m starting to consider a more dramatic change in my diet/fitness routine, and a lot of commenters seemed to be in the same boat. Everyone is trying to live healthier; let’s be honest, who hasn’t tried dieting? Often it starts when we head to a high school reunion or bump into an ex, where we impulsively start looking for the nearest gym and the {Read More}

Sponsored Giveaway: Balance Bar Summer Shape Up

I wrote yesterday about my wonderful weekend at Blend Retreat, and how happy I was to be outside getting exercise with my friends. Honestly, exercise is actually something I’ve been stressing out a lot about lately. As much as I like to think that this weekend was “typical”, it’s really more typical of how I was last year. Lately, I haven’t really been as active as I would like, in part because I’m finding it hard to get into a routine {Read More}

Sponsored Recipe: Healthy Italian Breakfast Sandwich with Gardein Classic Meatless Meatballs

I spent this weekend in Arizona with Adam, which was a ton of fun. I flew to Phoenix from New York City to arrive Friday night, and we headed straight to dinner at a yummy (and surprisingly inexpensive!) sushi restaurant on our way home. Although I had arrived not really hungry, I devoured my bento box, especially the tempura, and then realized that Adam and I had gotten the same exact thing but I had eaten far more… oops. Yet {Read More}

8 Tips To Stay Healthy (and Happy!) This Holiday Season

The holiday season has begun! Last night, I got to attend the Colorado Thought Leadership Forum‘s holiday charity event with my friend Kelly, and I had a blast. However, it reminded me that this season is going to be full of yummy drinks and endless buffets of tasty appetizers. And cheese plates galore – my downfall! I don’t think it’s realistic to try for weight loss during the holiday season, but I would like to make it to January 1st {Read More}