Weekend Recap: Beaver Creek Culinary Weekend

This weekend was much better than the last – it was packed! And full of food, wine, and fun with friends :) I got home reasonably early on Thursday from a trip to New York… and was on the same flight as my friend Sara! It was fun to catch up walking through Denver Airport when we landed, and we ended up making plans to meet up on Friday for lunch and to catch up further. On Friday, I knocked {Read More}

First night in St. Maarten

I arrived in St. Maarten to cloudy skies, and by the time I got through customs and out of the airport, it was raining! What a bummer. It stopped by the time I got to my resort (St. Maarten traffic jams are tough!), but the skies remained cloudy for the rest of the day. I explored the resort though, and am totally psyched to hang out by the gorgeous infinity pool all day tomorrow… let’s hope the weather clears up {Read More}

Copenhagen Restaurant Review: Relae

After resting all afternoon, I was ready and eager to get going on Saturday night! A few weeks ago, when I first booked my trip to Copenhagen, I started pulling out all the stops to try to eat at Noma, recently taking the title from El Bulli as the best restaurant in the world. However, reservations there are taken 6 months in advance, and it’s next to impossible to get one inside that window. On the bike tour, we rode {Read More}

Top Chef Restaurant Review: Social Eatz, by Angelo Sosa

My goodness, what a weekend! On Thursday, I had a work social event that ended up being pretty fruitful for me. I spoke with our CEO for about 20 minutes and the head of financial services for about 30, all about my thoughts on our integration (we were acquired a few months ago) and what cultural changes were still necessary to make it successful at the junior staff levels. On Friday, in the all day meetings we had, the CEO {Read More}