Grateful and Proud

Grateful, grateful, truly grateful I amGrateful, grateful, truly blessed and duly grateful. (Okay, if you’re not a total musical theater geek and don’t know John Bucchino, those lyrics will mean nothing to you, but trust me, it is an incredibly sweet and moving song – take a listen.) Today I read a post that made me really sad – though I don’t think that was what Lauren intended when she wrote it. Please, go read. After reading Lauren’s post, I {Read More}

Low-Key Cooking and Cleaning

While my weekend was low-key, it was pretty darn fantastic, and I feel great about getting this week kicked off right. This weekend marks the start of the spring marathoning season for me – only one week’s break from now until I finish my 50 states!!! Crazy. Now I just have to hope I don’t get injured… On Friday, my mom came down from Albany (yes, in the midst of the big snowstorm). She took the Megabus so she wouldn’t {Read More}

In Helsinki

My brother, my Dad, and I have made it to Helsinki safely – my other brother was coming from Charleston and will meet us at the Warsaw airport. Our flight was good – a bit delayed for de-icing, but we had a long layover in Helsinki anyway so we still have plenty of time. I slept the whole way (thank you, lorizapam), so I’m fresh as a daisy feeling like it’s 9 AM (which it is, Helsinki time)… while Dad {Read More}