Sponsored Giveaway: Title Nine Sports Bras

I think we’ve all heard the stat that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size… and yet, all of us think that can’t possibly be us. I went to a sports bra fitting a few years ago in Dallas, and so thought for sure that I wasn’t in the “wrong bra size” group now. But after receiving a personalized fitting this morning at Title Nine in Boulder, I realized that over the last few years I’ve actually drifted away from {Read More}

There’s No Bad Weather; Only Bad Gear (YakTrax Run Review)

My Friday was rather hectic – in addition to chasing down some big work issues, there was a much bigger issue at home. A brush fire in my neighborhood! The fire was only in the open space, though it came within 40 feet of a number of homes that border the open space. (I’m fortunately a block away – not that it would have done much good if any of the homes had gone up, since we’re all packed pretty {Read More}

Sponsored Review: Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

For the last month, I’ve had the privilege of trying a brand new shoe before it’s even released. This month, Mizuno began selling their new Wave Inspire 12 – and based on my trial, I’d definitely say this is a shoe worth checking out! According to Mizuno: “The new Wave Inspire 12 has the lightweight support you need to go farther and longer. With an improved upper that provides a soft-yet-structural fit and increased blown runner for maximum durability, this {Read More}

Giveaway: Soybu Activewear

On a semi-related note to my post yesterday about trying new things… When Adam and I went camping in Arizona, I spent the weekend wearing a new-to-me brand. Soybu is a clothing brand that I first heard about at the Blend Retreat, where they gave us an awesome pair of compression leggings as part of our swag bag. So nice! I loved how snugly they fit and how great they make my legs look, without being too tight to be {Read More}

App I Love: Adidas MiCoach (Plus: Numetrex Sports Bra and Motorola Droid Turbo Reviews)

Several months ago, I was invited to try some really cool new technology: a sports bra that uses “smart” fabric so that the sensing fibers are woven directly into the garment. By wearing the Numetrex Seamless Sports Bra, you can track your heart rate without having to use an uncomfortable heart rate monitor! I was pretty impressed… it definitely brings new meaning to the concept of “wearable” technology :) The sports bra wasn’t quite as tight as the New Balance {Read More}

A Few of My Favorite Things (For Surviving the Holidays with One Arm)

Today I get my splint off, and I am so excited! While I realize that the two weeks my left arm has been immobilized is a pretty short time period in the grand scheme of things (and I hope I haven’t been driving you all nuts with my whining about it!), it’s really been a pain to not be able to use my arm over the holidays. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had to make lots of adaptations! Before I {Read More}

My Favorite Tools to Relax My Back

I know that I kind of dropped a bomb on here with news of my surgery next week – and while I was pretty calm in that post, I am starting to get freaked out now that it’s just a week away. Between that and the slipped disc in my neck last year (which was also a gradually-over-time byproduct of no one specific thing rather than an acute injury), it seems like I’m getting old and my body is starting {Read More}

Gear Review: Ahnu Sugar Bowl Waterproof Hiking Boots

Just before I went on vacation, I was able to do an unseasonably warm hike of South Boulder Peak and Bear Peak, and I was hoping that the weather would stay nice for a few more weeks so I could get in some more hiking before winter. Unfortunately, I was thoroughly disappointed to come back to Colorado and find below zero temperatures. Quite a far cry from my sunny, warm adventures in Mexico! However, on that hike two weeks ago, {Read More}

Sponsored Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Rider 18

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. I know I already wrote about this earlier in the week, but my goodness, fall in Colorado is just amazing. This morning, my running group and I ditched the paved Big Dry Creek Trail and instead headed up to Betasso Preserve (just north of Boulder) for some real trail running. I was getting nervous on the drive there, since I had to wind up and around some steep {Read More}

Falling Back Into Running

While I know a ton of people go crazy for fall, I’ll be honest and say it never used to be my favorite season. I mean, I never hated it, but I also never understood why people went gaga over color changing leaves, boots and sweaters, or even pumpkin spice lattes. (I actually do love pumpkin but… why can’t I eat it anytime of year I want? I stockpile cases of Southern Tier Pumking beer for exactly that reason.) However, {Read More}