Cultivating Caring

The last year has been rough. Burnout, depression, a massive wildfire, heartbreak, and the incredibly awful IVF experience that I still feel has ruined my life. I’ve been trying to come back from all of that, but for so much in life, I’m finding myself just not caring. There really hasn’t been much keeping me going; I’m just focused on getting through each day without any end in sight. I was catching up on email this morning, and finally got to {Read More}

Quarantine Goals, Take 2

Next week will mark two full months alone in quarantine for me… something I never imagined when this all began. And yet, I’m finding that I’m reasonably content. I miss my friends, and there are definitely bouts of loneliness. (As someone whose love language is touch, and who is always hugging friends, it’s nuts to me that I haven’t touched a single human in two months!) But I track my mood each day in the Daylio app on my phone, {Read More}

Giveaway: Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Did you know that January 17th was “Ditch Your Resolutions Day”? It’s the day most people already give up on their well-intentioned New Year’s goals of getting in shape and working out more – which I think is such a shame. The research goes back and forth on exactly how long it takes to form a habit (21 days? 60 days?) but seventeen days is definitely not long enough. But what I like least about the made-up holiday is the {Read More}

First Domino to Set Everything in Motion

The Discover program that I was orchestrating in LA last week ends with a really cool closing ceremony called “Momentum.” In it, we discuss the impact of selecting a first domino that will help you take that initial step toward whatever goal you are trying to implement. A first domino can, and should, be very small. For my goal of running a marathon in all 50 states, the first domino wasn’t even running my first marathon; it was driving my car {Read More}

Driving Toward No Goal At All

One of the speakers I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with at Discover is Jullien Gordon, a professional career coach and speaker who’s been featured in Forbes and Under 30 CEO. Jullien has some great lessons on developing your personal definition of success and going after what you want, rather than copying someone else’s definition of success – which may or may not make you happy. When I went through the Discover program a few years ago, Jullien’s message really resonated with {Read More}

Who Am I? My Not-So-Special Hobbies

On my way to the airport this morning, I was catching up on a few blogs on my phone and came across Carla’s Currently Lately post. In it, she talks about her desire to find a hobby, and raised some interesting points around defining hobbies. Does something count as a hobby if, like watching movies and reading books, it’s something everyone does? (Does everyone read books lately or has it been taken over by “screen time”? Maybe that is distinguishing {Read More}

My Energy Audit: Making Great Strides!

I know it’s only Wednesday, but wow, what an amazing week so far! I’m out in sunny California to observe a training program that all our senior associates go through shortly after promotion, and preparing to potentially take on a part-time role helping to deliver the program in the future. Fingers crossed that I get the role, as it’s one I’m really passionate about! The “Discover Program” is all about exploring yourself and your values to be able to make {Read More}

You Finished a Marathon! Now… What’s Next?

Happy Marathon Monday! Adam and I were discussing the Boston Marathon this morning, and while neither of us ended up tracking the race or watching it online, it’s still been neat to see the results of the elites and some blogging buddies come in. From some of the commentary I’ve seen, though, it looks like I may need to go find video of the final few miles in both the men’s and women’s races… they sounded exciting! The weather today {Read More}

Iterating on Goal Setting

I spent today at a workshop in California along with my firm’s Human Capital leads from across the globe, and the discussions were fascinating. One of the topics we talked about at length was performance management, and how best to encourage staff to maximize their performance. We’ve recently switched from a traditional performance management system, where reviews are done and goals are set just twice a year, to a new system that emphasizes real-time feedback. It’s been a huge transformation, {Read More}

Sustaining Momentum from Big Picture Inspiration: My Plan

Sorry it’s been so quiet on the blog this week! On Saturday morning, I cheated on the mountains of my home state by flying to Utah to ski in Park City. Well, to teach me a lesson about loyalty to Colorado, we had a major snowstorm all weekend in Colorado that apparently led to one of the best ski weekends of the year… but in Park City, the slopes were icy and with basically no fresh powder at all. Since {Read More}