You Finished a Marathon! Now… What’s Next?

Happy Marathon Monday! Adam and I were discussing the Boston Marathon this morning, and while neither of us ended up tracking the race or watching it online, it’s still been neat to see the results of the elites and some blogging buddies come in. From some of the commentary I’ve seen, though, it looks like I may need to go find video of the final few miles in both the men’s and women’s races… they sounded exciting! The weather today {Read More}

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

After working from home (i.e., the hotel) all day and feeling quite lazy, my friend JP revived me by reminding me that we had discussed going to the last Flywheel class of the day. (I had bailed on the 6am in favor of extra sleep, which was glorious.) Grumbling, I went – arriving only two minutes before class and at the mercy of the awesome front desk staff who signed me up and got me a bike so I could {Read More}

The Music That Makes Me Run

At Saturday’s Rehoboth Seashore Marathon, I pulled out my phone at mile 23 to put on a song that would simultaneously distract us and inspire us to make us run faster: Fun’s “Some Nights.” I am obsessed with this song, and it honestly just makes me so happy whenever I hear it. I love the harmonious voices at the beginning (which remind me of another favorite song, Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek”), the gorgeous melody, and the tribal-sounding drums as {Read More}

Wheat Belly and Carb Loading

My vacation last week had a few fun elements to it. I got to spend time with friends and family that I don’t often see, which was fantastic. I celebrated my birthday a whole bunch of times (thanks to conflicting schedules), which made me feel super special. I even got to go to a Counting Crows concert in Brooklyn, marking two things (seeing an outdoor concert and visiting an outer borough) off my “summer bucket list” that I intend to {Read More}

How long does it take to recover from a marathon?

Today I am still incredibly sore from my lifting session on Monday night. I guess psyching myself up to do well beforehand really does help! On the downside, I was planning to lift again this morning, but didn’t really want to do it when I was already so sore that I was waddling instead of walking normally. As the day has gone on, the soreness has eased up at least a bit, so my plan is to lift tonight instead. {Read More}

No longer trapped, just trap(ezius)ed out

I think it’s kind of funny that this week I’ve been complaining about feeling trapped – and now my traps are incredibly sore from the workout I did to relieve that stress. Sorry, I’m a word geek like that. After my Monday meltdown, I spent yesterday getting back on track – and that included going back to Rachel Cosgrove’s Female Body Breakthrough. I talked a big game yesterday about how maybe I was too advanced to do the Base Phase {Read More}

I am so, so tired

This travel schedule is really wearing on me. On Monday mornings, I have to be up at 4am to head to the airport and catch my flight. I usually work on the flight, so there isn’t really extra time to sleep after that, which means I try to go to bed by 8:30pm on Sunday nights – which kind of kills the afternoon/evening with packing and getting ready. On Thursdays, my flight typically lands at 11:30pm, and then I still {Read More}

I’m a Greatist!

I am very proud and very excited today to announce… my first Greatist article was published today! The topic I picked for my article should come as no surprise: Why Alcohol is Good For You. When I saw that appear on the “content list” of potential topics, I knew I couldn’t resist – and I was shocked how much research I was able to find on the subject. (Then again, who doesn’t like being forced to drink in the name {Read More}

Homesickness and a Free Figure 4 Class!

Sometimes it can be really tough for me to be away from home all the time. I get jealous of my friends at home who are able to to do the little things, like cook dinner or meet up on a weeknight. Last night, it hit me particularly hard – I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before (was up stressing about a bunch of things), and when we wrapped up work around 7:30pm, all I wanted {Read More}

What do YOU do with 11 extra minutes?

Today has been pretty busy, but also pretty exciting. After a long day of travel home from Dallas last night (I can’t wait to be able to take nonstops instead of connecting itineraries next week!), I got to sleep in until 7:45am – 8.5 hours of sleep never felt so good! This week has been a bit light on sleep for me, but I am definitely going to use the weekend to make it up. When I did get up, {Read More}