Grateful and Proud

Grateful, grateful, truly grateful I amGrateful, grateful, truly blessed and duly grateful. (Okay, if you’re not a total musical theater geek and don’t know John Bucchino, those lyrics will mean nothing to you, but trust me, it is an incredibly sweet and moving song – take a listen.) Today I read a post that made me really sad – though I don’t think that was what Lauren intended when she wrote it. Please, go read. After reading Lauren’s post, I {Read More}

Speedwork: The lazy man’s guide to getting faster while making it feel easy (and staying injury-free)

I slept like a log Saturday night, but woke up long before my alarm – at 7:30am. I really am a morning person! But despite getting only 7 hours of sleep, I felt pretty well-rested, and was definitely up for good. I hit the bathroom and the kitchen as part of my usual morning routine, and it wasn’t until I was back in bed curled up with my TV remote that I realized something – my foot hadn’t hurt to {Read More}

The Purpose of Rest Days

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my mom about her half marathon training. It was Wednesday, and she hadn’t had a chance to do a training run yet for the week, so she told me she planned to run one of the “weekday” runs on Thursday, the other “weekday” run on Friday, and then the “long weekend” run on Saturday. Sounds like she’s sticking with the plan, right? No, no, no! I realized that when I first set {Read More}

Cold for the Weekend

My weekend started out a bit early – after a big night out with my work team to celebrate our product launch, I had to get up Thursday morning at 4:30am to head for the airport. I’m wrapping up my current project with three days this week and two days next week (and diving into my next project next Wednesday – no breaks for me). After two quick flights, I landed in Albany, NY, at 9:30am – in time to {Read More}

Beginner’s Half Marathon Training Plan – Week 1

While last week was the official kickoff of the Athleta half marathon training program that I’m leading, it was a bit quiet last week due to it being New Year’s Day – we had a small group of four. This week, however, about a dozen women showed up for the seminar and run, and I started to realize just how popular it was going to become! I also got some requests from people who don’t live in NYC to share {Read More}