How I’m Dealing with Insomnia

Ever since returning from my recruiting trip to New York a few weeks ago, my sleep schedule has been off. At first it was the normal time zone issues: I was naturally getting up much earlier than usual (5am) daily. I didn’t stress too much about it, though – I figured my schedule would eventually start shifting back to normal, especially when I’d go for a late night or two out with friends. I was definitely indulging my weird sleep {Read More}

Public Health and Getting Vaccinations to Protect Others

About two months ago, someone (shout out who you are; I’m so sorry I forgot!) recommended a pretty timely book to me: The Hot Zone: The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus. I read it back when Ebola was sweeping across Africa pretty dreadfully, but before anyone had brought it to the US. Now, it’s really scary to see that two patients have come down with it in Dallas, right where I used to work for {Read More}

Reforming My Plant-Killing Ways

A few months ago, I bought a basil plant for my apartment. I was so excited about having fresh basil all the time, since I love to┬áput tons of basil on everything! However, the combo of Denver’s super dry climate and how often I traveled (and therefore, how infrequently I watered) meant that my poor plant did not fare so well. I tried to compensate for being gone for 4-10 day stretches by watering it a ton just before I {Read More}