Hiking Report: Mohawk Lakes

I arrived at the Bivvi last night, super excited for this year’s Gociety Mountain Gathering. However, after a drink at the bar and another at Breckenridge Brewery, I nearly got talked into trading today’s summit of Father Dyer Peak for a late morning hike to Mohawk Lakes. But I really wanted to do a strenuous hike, so I forced myself to get up early for the Father Dyer hike. As luck would have it, we ended up at Mohawk Lakes anyway! The {Read More}

Gociety Mountain Gathering Weekend

I’m on my way home to Denver from Dallas, and am really excited this weekend to be headed out to Breckenridge for the annual Gociety Mountain Gathering! Gociety is kind of like Meetup.com – it’s free to join, and members create various plans for others to join. Unlike Meetup, though, you don’t have to go seek out groups to join – it’s one big group for people who like the outdoors, and once you register for the site, you can {Read More}

Hiking Report: Mount Bierstadt (14,060 feet)

This delayed hiking report is from my summit of Mount Bierstadt on Tuesday, July 5th. I didn’t mean to delay this much in writing it! However, the few weeks in between when I did the hike and finished writing it up has also given me some fresh perspective… I had a four day weekend (Saturday July 2nd till Tuesday July 5th), and while it kind of started off slowly and lazily, it ended on a literal high note! As I {Read More}

There’s No Bad Weather; Only Bad Gear (YakTrax Run Review)

My Friday was rather hectic – in addition to chasing down some big work issues, there was a much bigger issue at home. A brush fire in my neighborhood! The fire was only in the open space, though it came within 40 feet of a number of homes that border the open space. (I’m fortunately a block away – not that it would have done much good if any of the homes had gone up, since we’re all packed pretty {Read More}

Why is hiking so different from stair climbing?

Not sure if I’ve posted about this before, but I bought a Fitbit Charge HR about a month ago, thanks to my new team in Dallas. They pretty much all wear Fitbits, and they have “Work Week Hustle” challenges every week to see who can get the most steps in Monday through Friday. I have to admit, I haven’t paid much attention to the leaderboard (last week I won and didn’t even realize it till after the fact?) – though I think {Read More}

Solo Hiking Report: Mount Spaulding and Mount Evans

This has been a pretty busy few weeks for me! This week I am wrapping up the second of two major projects I’ve been working on over the last year, and I’m also gearing up to start my new project next Monday. (Stay tuned for more on all of those work things.) But last week, I was clocking 12-16 hours of work each day, and by Friday, I desperately needed a break. I knew that I would still be working {Read More}

Completing My Workout Checklist

I wrote on Monday about getting inspired by watching Ironman Boulder. I didn’t necessarily get inspired to do an Ironman, but I did get inspired to start swimming and generally making more time for the fitness activities I love. I have never really been a big proponent of following a training plan, though I understand how beneficial that is if you’re training for a specific race. But for me, I’m just “training” to get in better shape – and I {Read More}

Settling a Score and Solo Conquering Mount Sherman

On Friday, I headed to work a little bit more loaded down than usual. While I was wearing my normal Friday business casual outfit, my car was loaded down with quite a few other clothing options: leggings, fleece pants, some long sleeve tees, a turtle neck, a fleece jacket, a rain jacket… and a sleeping bag and tent. I was embarking on my first solo camping/hiking expedition! Kind of like when I ran my first marathon, it is weird to {Read More}

First is the Worst

On Saturday morning, Adam dragged me out for a 3 mile run before breakfast. And when I say he dragged me out, I do mean that – I was whining and complaining the whole drive over to the park (yes, we drove to start our run) and probably most of the first mile as well. But as much as I hadn’t wanted to go for a run in the sticky Arizona heat (it’s 106°F!), when I finished I was sooo {Read More}

Hot Weekend in Boulder / Reducing My Home Energy Bill

This weekend, Adam and I were supposed to go camping… but while we had a blast camping in Arizona two weekends ago, the idea of packing up all that gear again just seemed like a hassle. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to figure out where in Colorado you can camp outside of a campground… I am rather shocked at how little information we were able to turn up on the interwebs, although Adam eventually found some dispersed spots after a {Read More}