Weekend Recap: All Al Fresco

My weekend kicked off with a blast from the past, with an old friend visiting town. Liza and I went to college together, and also both worked at Deloitte as our first job out of undergrad (along with my good friend Kelly, who lives in Arvada and was the one to convince me to move to Colorado). This weekend, Liza and her husband Albert had gotten her parents to watch their twin girls, and were visiting to Colorado for an {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Packed with Plans

Recap of January 11 and 12 This weekend was pretty busy – but all good things! And I was thrilled to get in a mix of both mountain and Front Range activities. When I left my downtown office on Friday, I walked out into a blur of snowflakes – the perfect setup for the night I had ahead. My friend Chris and I were going to a screening of a Warren Miller ski film at Stoney’s, a gigantic sports bar {Read More}

Weekend Recap: The End of 2017

The last week of 2017 was filled with a lot of mishaps – and yet, I didn’t consider it a bad week at all. I think that’s a pretty good representation of my year as a whole. I had some ups and downs, but for me, 2017 was most notable in that I developed a sense of optimism that got me through it all. That was definitely evident over the last week! My mom and I flew to Colorado on {Read More}

Prepping for My Coloradoversary

This week is both my three year anniversary of moving to Colorado, and also my two year anniversary of moving into my house. Since I decided I didn’t want to make Irish food, I thought my “Coloradoversary” would be a great theme for my March party, which is tonight. I can’t believe that I’ve already been living in Colorado for three years! The time flies. Sometimes it feels like I was living in Manhattan just yesterday, and other times it feels {Read More}

Choosing The Simple Life… and Accepting the Consequences

This weekend, with Adam‘s help, I went back to the simple life. We spent Friday night at the baseball game downtown, where my company hosts an annual event with amazing field-level seats. And then on Saturday, we planned literally nothing all day long, slept late, and got errands done. I now have a new stainless steel dishwasher! (The old one broke, which means I am officially replacing my kitchen appliances one at a time until everything is stainless.) Adam installed {Read More}

Sponsored Giveaway: Working on Balance and Not Sweating the Small Stuff

On Friday, I led a women’s book club for my firm where we read The Confidence Code, by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman. I had already read the book before, but like Lean In, it’s the kind of book you can read again and again and get new insights each time based on where you are in your life. The discussion was outstanding, and also really thought-provoking. For example, we talked about the relationship between self-esteem and confidence, and whether {Read More}

The Excitement of Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond

This past weekend was a little different than my usual. While I typically pack weekends full of socializing and other events, I mostly spent this weekend getting stuff done around my new house. I got back from a business trip on Friday morning and headed straight for the office from the airport. It ended up being a really busy day, and I was sorry I hadn’t taken the crack-of-dawn flight instead of the 8am! But I was able to get {Read More}

New Home, New Stress, and No Organization

Ugh, and yet again, I have been a terrible blogger and haven’t posted this week outside of my Links I Love. This week has just been insanely busy! In addition to working on two clients plus a major proposal for a third client, I also had my big move from my apartment to the house on Wednesday. I still have a few things left at my old apartment (probably two or three carloads worth?) but for the most part, I’m {Read More}

Healthy Recipe: Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Remember how one of my New Year’s resolutions was to have people over at my home at least once a week? I’m not doing well with my other resolutions but that one is going strong. One of my biggest reasons for wanting to host people so often was that I hoped it would make me less uptight and more go-with-the-flow, rather than stressing out about every little detail. Well, you can’t get much more relaxed and go-with-the-flow than everyone sitting {Read More}

My New Home – The “Before” Tour!

This morning I got up as usual, and went to the gym as usual, but then instead of sitting down at my computer, I spent a lot of time writing on stacks and stacks of paper. I swear, I’ve almost forgotten how to write, since I am pretty much always on a computer… but today it didn’t matter if it was legible or not. I was signing all the paperwork to buy my first home in Colorado! I am soooooo {Read More}