September Goal: One-Touch Email

Originally, I had thought that my September goal was going to still be to PR in the 5K, since I had a number of setbacks in my training for my August 5K goal. But after I ended up squeaking out a two second PR on Saturday, I decided to stick with my initial 2016 plan to have a different goal each month. I’m still going to continue to train for an even faster 5K, but that’s going to be a secondary goal {Read More}

Getting it Together: One Week Till Thirty

A week from today is my 30th birthday. WOW, that happened fast! About a month ago, I was really excited about my 30th birthday. I felt like I was incredibly on top of everything and that I was right where I should be for 30. I have a job I love, the beautiful house of my dreams, a boyfriend I’m crazy in love with, and a group of friends who are the best. I’ve been making a lot of progress {Read More}

Why I Turned Off Text Messaging Notifications (And You Should, Too)

Most of my friends know that I haaaaaaate text messaging (SMS) with a passion. If they want to get a timely response to something (or really, if they want to be assured of a response at all), they’re much better off sending it via email. Why? Well, my given rationale used to be that SMS is an outdated technology. We all have email on our phones these days, so what is the purpose of using an SMS to send a {Read More}