Sponsored: Nature Made Vitamins

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I had an amazing time at Discover this week – more on that to come when I get the videos back to hopefully share. But on Thursday, my last day in California, things piled up and added a lot of stress to my week. And unfortunately, I had been so go-go-go while at Terranea that I wasn’t well-rested enough to properly deal. I got {Read More}

The Joy of the Never Ending Run

On Thursday, I wrote a post about a run that ruined my day. But on the flip side, I want to write a short post about a run today that went way better than expected. Thursday night, I developed a nasty knot in my right hamstring. I didn’t know what it had come from – my run that morning? The deadlifts I had done Wednesday morning? Some new moves I had done in a Pilates reformer class Tuesday night? The strain didn’t really make {Read More}

Sidelined from my Favorite Pastimes

There are a few posts I’ve been remiss in not yet writing. I want to write a recap of my July Eat the Frog challenge (which I loved), I want to finish the draft I’ve started of my Mammoth Running Escape vacation in California (which I also loved), and I want to write about my goals for the month of August. Unfortunately, that last one is really hard for me right now. My planned goal for the month of August {Read More}

Right Hand, Injured: A Litany of Complaints

I interrupt your regularly scheduled update on my month of non-complaining to bring you an urgent whiny message. The last few days, really since Friday, have kind of been one big #Fail of me complaining what feels like constantly. In truth, it’s probably not that bad, but I gave up on even tracking my complaints after I logged a whole slew of them Friday night. I definitely need to get back on track… so how about tomorrow? Because today, I want to write about a complaint {Read More}

Trying Out Cryotherapy: My Experiences at -195°F

I’m told that my neighborhood got more than 2 feet of snow today – yikes! Fortunately, I’m in Dallas, where it’s sunny and with temps in the 70s. But tonight, I headed to a place even colder than Boulder: the cryotherapy chamber at Cryozone Dallas. I first heard about cryotherapy from a Daily Burn article last year. I found it to be an intriguing concept, but assumed it would always be way out of my price range. Those kinds of techniques are only {Read More}

Puerto Vallarta: No Regrets

This was not the vacation I was expecting… but that’s okay. I wasn’t expecting to get sick within 6 hours of arriving in Mexico. (My own fault for eating sushi that I should have known was bad.) I spent all Thursday night getting sick everywhere, including a mortifying public vomiting incident in the trash can at the convenience store when I went to get Gatorade. On Friday, although I wasn’t getting sick anymore, I still felt pretty crappy and didn’t really get {Read More}

February Goal Progress: Week 2 Check In

I’m not going to sugar coat it: this was a really crappy weekend! I woke up on Friday with my voice about two octaves lower than my normal, and the cold continued to get worse throughout the weekend. I kept slowly canceling plans all weekend (including seeing Becky in Breck!), until by Sunday afternoon, I was sick enough to put a moratorium on seeing people altogether – I didn’t want to make anyone else sick. I’m incredibly frustrated that this {Read More}

Book Review: This Is Your Brain On Sports

The weather in Colorado this weekend is absolutely perfect for all the activities I love. It’s in the 60s at home, and while making a trip to the grocery store I saw dozens of bikers and runners soaking up the sunshine. And if you head out to the mountains, it’s the most insanely perfect bluebird ski day – a big dump of fresh powder last night + gorgeous blue skies and mild temperatures today. Unfortunately, thanks to a dumb cold, {Read More}

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Cure Colds?

I’ve been really sick with a nasty cold this week, though trying hard to hold it together. It started on Sunday night as a slight tickle in my threat… enough to make me say, “uh oh.” I had a big bowl of chicken pho for dinner, hoping that would help. Unfortunately, I woke up on Monday morning and it was much worse. My throat hurt like crazy to swallow or talk… and yet, I was supposed to kick off a week {Read More}

Rainstorms Make Rainbows

The chicken or the egg: do we get sick because we are busy and stressed, or do we get stressed because we are sick and busy? Either way, I’m none too pleased. Hope to be back to actual blogging soon. In the meantime, here’s a pic of my neighborhood after a recent rainstorm. My house is almost exactly where the pot of gold should be, but I haven’t found it yet. Another metaphor ;)