You Can’t Judge a Dream

As I was getting ready for my overnight shift on Friday night, I opened my YouTube Watch Later list and put on one of the many videos I’ve saved where I could listen instead of watch: TED Talks, cool songs, and some random videos on productivity and lifehacking. (You’ll see some of those pop up on my Links I Love from time to time, but I honestly don’t spend a lot of time watching videos on my computer, so they’re few {Read More}

Breaking Tradition

This weekend was Memorial Day weekend, and normally I would have headed up to Vermont and be posting another race report about the Vermont City Marathon right about now. (Or not posting it, as I am sometimes wont to do when I get busy.) But as you’ve seen from my posts about Alaska, I chose to do something different this year. When the race director of the Prince of Wales Island Marathon approached me about coming there to be the {Read More}

It’s Princess Night!

Instead of flying home to Denver tonight, I’m sticking around Dallas. However, as this week progressed, I realized that I didn’t yet have any plans for tonight. Rather than trying to find another poor planner who wasn’t booked in advance, I decided it was high time that tonight I do something that I always try to do but never actually end up doing. It’s Princess Night! When was the last time you took a night to do whatever you wanted, without feeling {Read More}

No Goals for New Year’s Eve

It’s December 31, with only a few hours left left in 2013… and that means it’s time for an end of year wrap-up / new goal setting post, right? (At least according to the rest of the blogs I follow in Feedly.) Well, I know that my blog is supposed to be about goal setting, but I’m going to throw y’all for a bit of a loop this year. I usually embrace the chance to devise a whole slew of SMART {Read More}

Who I Run 4

This week I went running twice. Outside. In the cold. Medal, please? In all seriousness, I have really fallen off the running bandwagon in the last month or so. I ran the Catalina Island Marathon and NYRR 60K in November (and didn’t yet finish the race reports), but when the Dallas Marathon got canceled and I had to bail on the Whine Not a Marathon because I was sick… I pretty much gave up and have been doing indoor runs only. {Read More}

Peru Wrap-Up / I’m Thankful For…

Today is a pretty different Thanksgiving Day for me than it probably is for most of you. After flying home from Dallas last night, I woke up pretty early to head to Flywheel’s “Turkey Burn” 75 minute class. However, while most people in the class were trying to burn as many calories as possible before heading to a feast, I actually didn’t have any plans after class! I ended up meeting up with my best friend for coffee before he {Read More}

Marathon Motivation Tip: Run It For Someone Else

I’ve often been asked at expos and night-before-the-race speaking engagements for last-minute tips. At those times, your training is done. Sorry for all you procrastinators right now (believe me that I am sorry for I am one of you!), but doing sprints the night before the marathon is not going to fix any lack of training :) One part of training that runners often neglect is brain training – and it’s honestly too late to do much on that now either. {Read More}

Get More Energy by Giving More Energy

How has it been for me giving up caffeine this month? Not so good. I chose this goal in large part because I was hoping it would encourage me to sleep more, but I’ve recently found that even when I arrange a free morning where I can sleep as late as I want, the most I can get myself to sleep is 7.5 hours. I determined a few years ago on a solo vacation that 8 hours a night is {Read More}

Breathe Out

Today I was absolutely exhausted when I finished work – but I had planned on going to Flywheel, where one of my favorite instructors teaches on Thursday nights. It’s a rare Thursday night that I’m in Dallas, and I love Kelly’s class, so I forced myself to go. Surely it would be fine once I was there in the class right? Sadly not. My legs were weak and wimpy and not having it, and while I had gone into the {Read More}

Dream It, Do It

Monday is travel day, which means I get up at 4:30am ET, fly to Dallas, and work until 8pm ET before heading to my hotel to settle in (we try to leave early on Mondays). Usually, I am exhausted by the time I get to the hotel, and so I have a quiet night of gym time + food delivery. Last night, though, my friend Blake invited me to her wonderful group Bachelor watching extravaganza – made extra exciting because {Read More}