Night Before the Race: Vermont City Marathon

On Saturday, I got into Burlington what I thought was several hours before my scheduled talk at 1pm, but it was actually at 12pm! I had put it into my Google Calendar while I was in Dallas (and on Central Time), not realizing that Google would put it in under Central Time and not Eastern Time, since usually it doesn’t auto-adjust my calendar when I switch time zones. It wasn’t a problem as far as preparation went, because I always {Read More}

News and updates

Oh yes, I’m here, just busy. I ran the Wall Street Run last week and have quite a story to tell there… but am optimistically hoping I’ll have time to write it up as an official race report and post it. No guarantees though – you all know I’m terrible about that. I’m currently wrapping up my project in NYC and will soon be shipping out to Dallas for at least the next few months – yes, back to the {Read More}

2nd interview and my next big goal?

The bad news is, there’s no recording/podcast/etc of this morning’s radio show. The good news is, it was awesome! The Zoo Crew was really easy to talk to and SO much fun. I had an absolute blast talking about using ice cream as motivation, wearing my Dunder Mifflin t-shirt when I ran my Pennsylvania race in Scranton, and getting champagne sprayed all over me at my 50 states finish :) It seems like they were pretty happy with my performance {Read More}

Interview #2: B94.5 with the Morning Zoo

After my appearance on New York Nightly News, it would seem that the media at large have decided I have “a face for radio” :) Just kidding. But I am about to make my faceless debut! For those of you in the State College, PA area, be sure to listen to B94.5 tomorrow morning – I’ll be on the air at 8 AM to talk about my marathon journey! If you’re not in the listening area, as far as I {Read More}