Five Mistakes First Time Marathoners Make (Featuring Meb Keflezighi)

Happy Friday! I haven’t been running almost at all lately, as I’m focused on reaching my 20 class goal for the month of October.  (Okay, actually I just reached it this morning, but now I’m focused on surpassing it!) However, I know that a lot of you are in the peak of fall marathon season right now, so I thought I’d pass along a list of five mistakes first time marathoners make, from Olympic silver medalist, 2009 New York City Marathon champion, and 2014 {Read More}

You Finished a Marathon! Now… What’s Next?

Happy Marathon Monday! Adam and I were discussing the Boston Marathon this morning, and while neither of us ended up tracking the race or watching it online, it’s still been neat to see the results of the elites and some blogging buddies come in. From some of the commentary I’ve seen, though, it looks like I may need to go find video of the final few miles in both the men’s and women’s races… they sounded exciting! The weather today {Read More}

Race Report: Lost Dutchman Marathon (DNF)

I usually write a Night Before the Race post, because I think the two days leading up to the race are really important to performance and you don’t get the full picture of the race without them. This time, though, I kind of covered everything leading up to the race in my weekend recap… but left you hanging with what happened in the race. Well, that’s a bit of a story! On Saturday night, Adam and I went to bed {Read More}

Race Report: Melbourne Music Marathon

This is a delayed race report; I ran the Melbourne Music Marathon on (Superbowl) Sunday, February 1. At the end of my night before the race, I went to bed later than I wanted. However, when I woke up the next morning, I surprisingly wasn’t as tired as I thought I might be. I didn’t feel great, mind you, but at least I didn’t have a feeling of “counting down” to the number of hours until the race would be {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Melbourne Music Marathon

What a fantastic weekend! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you already know how thrilled I am with Sunday’s race results… but I have to say, going into it I wasn’t feeling all too confident. Thursday night, I was lucky enough to have dinner at a restaurant I’ve been trying forever to get into, Marmalade. It’s a bit pricey because it’s prix-fixe, but the food is fantastic! If you are ever going to Old San Juan, I would {Read More}

Could’ve Would’ve Should’ve? Nope, You Did What You Did

One thing that has always frustrated me is when people make excuses for races. (Or really, when people make excuses for anything.) Okay, so you didn’t run as fast as you wanted because it was hot or because it was hilly – but neither did anyone else who was running that day. You got a stomachache and ended up having to make an unplanned bathroom stop halfway through? Fine – it happens to the most seasoned professional. But that doesn’t {Read More}

16.8 Miles on the Dreadmill

This week has been kind of a mess of not-planning and then totally changing my plans when I do have them… which as you know, I really hate! However, it started out great – I was in LA on Monday for some training, and got to have an amazing dinner at Seabird’s in Orange County with Jen afterward. Oh my gosh, it was so good – and yet totally reasonably priced! Tuesday morning, I had to be up at 4:30am {Read More}

How to Stay Committed to Your Goals

Last week, I alluded to the fact that I was starting to think about running another marathon. In short, I need to be in Florida for work at the end of January, and I knew that was right around the time of the Miami Marathon. Out of curiosity, I went to check the dates – and saw that while Miami was actually the weekend prior, that weekend was the Melbourne Music Marathon. Florida is already an appealing destination in the {Read More}

Race Report: Outer Banks Marathon

I am by no means in shape to run a marathon now (though hopefully I will be soon!), but all the hype around this Sunday’s NYC Marathon is making me nostalgic for marathons and all the fun that goes into them. I was reading Jessie’s blog and she’s prepping to run the Outer Banks Marathon in a few weeks, so I then went to send her a link to my race report of when I ran it back in 2009. {Read More}

How to Choose Your Fall Marathon

My good friend Adam recently chose Detroit Marathon as his big fall race. Unlike me, Adam is pretty serious about training for a fast time, and he usually does one all-out effort per season. I, on the other hand, and more likely to do half a dozen races per season, but just “for fun” and not as races. Let’s face it, running in a marathon is a great excuse to go see a new place :)  I know that most {Read More}