Race Report: Outer Banks Marathon

I am by no means in shape to run a marathon now (though hopefully I will be soon!), but all the hype around this Sunday’s NYC Marathon is making me nostalgic for marathons and all the fun that goes into them. I was reading Jessie’s blog and she’s prepping to run the Outer Banks Marathon in a few weeks, so I then went to send her a link to my race report of when I ran it back in 2009. {Read More}

How to Run Two Marathons in Six Weeks

There’s been a lot of great weather for racing lately – Chicago was held on a near perfect day (where the winner was less than a minute from the marathon world record!), and I also just ran the Hartford Marathon that weekend which was similarly lovely. However, sometimes even when the weather is perfect, it’s just not your day… and you want to run another race. (Or, maybe you had so much fun you can’t wait to do it again!) {Read More}

Race Report: Chasing the Unicorn Marathon

Although I alluded to it slightly in my Friday post, I wasn’t completely up front about exactly how nervous I was about my Saturday marathon. I was terrified. I drove to New Jersey mid-afternoon on Saturday (although the race was in Pennsylvania, it was literally 2 miles from the border and my hotel was actually in New Jersey by the Trenton airport) and had originally planned for a quiet night of catching up on reading, TV, and blogs, since I {Read More}

New Marathon Club!

Me: Should I run the Roxbury Marathon tomorrow?Me: It’s hilly and it’s going to be SUPER cold – 31 at 9am, 39 at noonJohn: Yes. (wasn’t that easy?)John: What time is the race?Me: 8:30am, and they say add 40 mins to your usual timeJohn: That’s actually pretty nice weather for a marathon. But the hills though…Me: It’s in CT – I’d have to be on a 5:40am train to get thereJohn: Now, the real question… why are you asking me {Read More}

Race Report: Vermont City Marathon

The first thing I felt when I woke up was nervous… had it been a terrible idea to eat all that fried food and then drink beer for dinner? The answer was, surprisingly, no – I was a bit dehydrated from the alcohol, but other than that was totally fine. Yay! I tried to be very quiet while getting myself together so as not to wake up our roommate, Sara, but as it got closer to time to leave, my {Read More}

Race Report: Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon

So I thought I was all set for a stress-free marathon, until my mom sent me a message with the weather forecast and some details about the course from Marathon Guide (PS – don’t I have the best stage-mom-turned-marathon-coach ever?!). There was tornado warnings for the area all night Friday and in the afternoon on Saturday, as well as thunderstorms predicted for Saturday during the race. Seriously? To add to that, the course was known for its brutal hills. I {Read More}

Race Report: Boston Marathon, Part 2

Click here if you missed part 1 I had been warned by several people (including experienced marathoner Dane Rauschenberg) to do the first few miles at least 10-15 seconds slower than my goal pace. I was very familiar with the second half of the course, having run it backwards and forwards two years prior the morning of the Boston Beer Marathon, but all I knew about the first half was that it was supposed to be lots of downhill. I {Read More}

Race Report: Boston Marathon, Part 1

I got to Boston around 6pm on Saturday night, and took the Silver Line bus followed by the Red Line T to meet up with my friend Kristen, with whom I’d be staying. I was so impressed by the airport’s accessibility via public transit: it takes about 1.5 hours to get home from JFK, but it took only about 30 minutes to get from Boston Logan to the restaurant where Kristen and I were meeting for dinner. Kudos, Boston MTA! {Read More}

Race Report: On the Road for Education Marathon

The alarms went off, and I immediately headed over to the window. It was very dark, but that wasn’t the real reason I couldn’t see: it was foggy as heck! I could barely see five feet away from the window, and I peered through the glass, trying to figure out if it was raining. Though the cars in the parking lot were wet, it seemed like it had stopped raining. I hoped it would stay that way. I got dressed {Read More}

Night Before the Race: On the Road for Education Marathon

Okay, it’s redemption time. I hopped on a flight to Minneapolis this morning, where I met Maniacs John and Catherine for a 2 hour carpool down to Mason City, IA. “What’s in Mason City, IA?” you may ask? This bustling metropolis is the birthplace of Meredith Willson (composer of The Music Man), boasts a wooden door factory and a metal door factory, and also produces Kraft pudding cups. But most importantly to us, it is the host town of the {Read More}