July Goal Progress: Week 2 Check In

It’s now the third week of the month, and I’ve only done one weekly check in on my goal to eat the frog? Shame on me. But a lot has happened in the last week though that’s had me in a bit of a tizzy. I did successfully block off a chunk of my workday mornings to deal with my most important thing of each day. However, we had some staffing changes at work that have resulted in a ton of new {Read More}

How ClassPass Helps Me Commit to My Workouts

I’ve mentioned that I use ClassPass to book my workouts at boutique studios. For $99 a month, I get unlimited classes (up to three per month per studio) at a ton of studios I love! However, the other catch besides three classes per studio per month is that you can only sign up for classes a week in advance – and a lot of the studios that I like tend to fill up, sometimes even before availability is open to ClassPass {Read More}

Beginning My Perfect Day

When Adam was here over Memorial Day weekend, we spent Monday night cooking together, and decided to do something super cheesy while we cooked. A few months ago, the New York Times published an article called To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This. It goes on to talk about a series of 36 questions designed to help you get to know each other, and also to help you fall in love with each other. We already know each other {Read More}

Favorite TED Talks of January

I know it took me a while to post my New Year’s resolutions this year! However, my resolution to watch a TED Talk every day is one that I didn’t write about immediately but have been doing pretty solidly since the end of December. It’s been so interesting to start my day learning something new! You can view all of the TED talks I’ve watched on this Google spreadsheet (along with some notes about what I learned or my favorite {Read More}

How to Stay Committed to Your Goals

Last week, I alluded to the fact that I was starting to think about running another marathon. In short, I need to be in Florida for work at the end of January, and I knew that was right around the time of the Miami Marathon. Out of curiosity, I went to check the dates – and saw that while Miami was actually the weekend prior, that weekend was the Melbourne Music Marathon. Florida is already an appealing destination in the {Read More}

Falling Back Into Running

While I know a ton of people go crazy for fall, I’ll be honest and say it never used to be my favorite season. I mean, I never hated it, but I also never understood why people went gaga over color changing leaves, boots and sweaters, or even pumpkin spice lattes. (I actually do love pumpkin but… why can’t I eat it anytime of year I want? I stockpile cases of Southern Tier Pumking beer for exactly that reason.) However, {Read More}

Getting and Giving Recognition

My firm’s fiscal year runs July through June, which means that April is an anxious month of building your case for a stellar year-end review, May is an anxious month of waiting for your review to happen (but having no idea how it went)… and then in June, we finally get our results. The month culminates with a big Promotion Day celebration sponsored by each of the local offices, and it’s always a lot of fun. There are a few {Read More}

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Isn’t

I’m about ten days into my DietBet, and so far, I am really loving it. I have been tracking my food intake very closely on MyFitnessPal (PS – the Windows Phone app for it rocks), and I found that ever since Friday night, it’s been kind of like my game of Don’t Break the Chain: I’m mostly hitting my calorie targets (and choosing healthy foods to help me hit them), and I want to just keep the streak going as {Read More}

Marathon Motivation Tip: Fake It Till You Make It

Still working on my NYC Marathon race report (part 2 here!), but this week has been a little crazy/abnormal since I’ve been working 12-15 hours a day since Sunday facilitating a week-long training course in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Don’t feel too sorry for me, though – although I’m waking up at 5am every day so that I’m able to get materials/logistics set for the participants to start at 8am, other times I get to do fun things like supervise {Read More}

How To Reach Your Exercise Goals While Injured

Now that I’ve gotten the greenlight to work out, I’m so excited to get back to Flywheel and some of my other favorite classes. However, it’s also really important to make sure that I don’t go too hard. I’m definitely still hurt (in fact, after a trial run with the mechanical traction machine yesterday, I feel worse than before), and the last thing I want is to exacerbate my problems. Many of my friends/readers seem to think that I am uber-competitive {Read More}