Bonus Content: Ali on the Run Podcast

Last week, I was lucky enough to get interviewed by Ali Feller for her popular Ali on the Run podcast. It was so much fun, and I was delighted to see it launch today! You can catch the show yourself here. However, the conversation flew by too quickly for me to get everything perfect; I sometimes wished I had said something different or added other details. (Especially during the sprint to the finish… I would say I changed this section {Read More}

Weekend Recap: My Favorite Boulder Local Activities

This was another fabulous, albeit short and packed, weekend! On Thursday night, I flew to Chicago for all-day training Friday… and also to meet up with my good friend Caitlin, who moved from Boulder to Chicago last summer. Unfortunately, my flight to Chicago was several hours delayed due to weather, and the delay meant that I couldn’t get to see Caitlin Thursday night for dinner as planned :( Instead, I ate #PlaneDinner (United’s shrimp and sausage paella, which always looks {Read More}

An Ode to my iPod Nano

Ever since December, I’ve been trying to clean out my house and get a rid of a ton of stuff. And for the most part, I’ve been pretty successful! I’m not following Marie Kondo or anything, but I have been replacing things in my house that were placeholders with new pieces that, as corny as it sounds, genuinely give me joy. One thing that I haven’t gotten rid of or replaced, though, is my clock radio, circa 2003. Let’s be honest, {Read More}

Birthday Nostalgia

Yesterday was my birthday, and like last year’s extravaganza, I kicked off the celebrations by hosting a house party the night before. I went with a summery theme for the food, making a whole bunch of dips (French onion, buffalo chicken, crab dip, and yogurt fruit dip), two massive pots of low country boil, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. I also muddled some basil with lemonade for a simple drink that could either be non-alcoholic as a standalone, or mixed with vodka or {Read More}

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling… 32

Lately I haven’t been fulfilling my New Year’s resolution of listening to TED talks in the morning while I get ready for the day. Instead, I’ve been listening to the “Today’s Happy Pop” station of Google Music. Maybe not quite as intelligent, but it definitely gets me energized for the day! As a result of this morning’s playlist, I have had Taylor Swift’s “22” stuck in my head most of today… …except I don’t feel 22. I feel 32, or {Read More}

Crafting my Victorious Entrance

This week, I’m back at Terranea to deliver another week of my firm’s Discover program. I was really nervous for this session – much more than my first one as orchestrator, a few weeks ago. A few days after my last session, I got videos of my performance – and I was really unhappy with how I did. I was looking down at my notes a lot, and in the post-session feedback, some of the senior associates commented that it made {Read More}

How Does Thinking Affect Performance?

Recently, I was listening to a Ben Greenfield podcast that referenced a cool study that Ben was invited to take part in. Basically, participants would do some sort of cognitive task, then run a 5K on a treadmill – and researchers wanted to see how the type of cognitive task they did would impact their performance. What they found was that when the task was cognitively demanding, it “pre-fatigued” their brain (even though the participants indicated they didn’t feel like {Read More}

A Tale of Two Headphones / Giveaway!

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out two very different types of headphones – and what I concluded was that they were actually best used in tandem. But before we begin this oh-so-scientific discussion, let’s review the parts of the ear.   Earhoox Earhoox are a brand new company, and they designed their headphones specifically to allow ambient noise. I like them already! I am quite a stickler about only listening to music / wearing headphones if you can {Read More}

The Music That Makes Me Run

At Saturday’s Rehoboth Seashore Marathon, I pulled out my phone at mile 23 to put on a song that would simultaneously distract us and inspire us to make us run faster: Fun’s “Some Nights.” I am obsessed with this song, and it honestly just makes me so happy whenever I hear it. I love the harmonious voices at the beginning (which remind me of another favorite song, Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek”), the gorgeous melody, and the tribal-sounding drums as {Read More}

Six People for Six Point Two Miles

Though I’ve been slacking on posting in general lately, one area where I’ve really been slacking is with Take It and Run Thursday. I used to be really good about posting every week, but then I fell off the wagon. However, after reading the awesome question/answer on Sassy Molassy, I decided to jump back in and join the fun. This week’s question is, “You get to run the last six miles of your next marathon with 6 different people. They {Read More}