Review: Buds Surround Sound Earbuds

In honor of the music-friendly Portland Marathon this weekend, I thought I’d post a review of my favorite headphones. I have some pretty strong opinions on the whole headphones/no headphones while running thing, but in short my opinion is this: I like music, and I like listening to it while I run. I keep the volume very low (one of my biggest pet peeves is people on the subway who listen to music with headphones and I can still hear {Read More}

Half-Marathon Race Playlist

Everyone seems to always be asking for new music to add to their iPods to get them through a run, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites from my half-marathon playlist. I had a lot more music than just this on there, but these were the ones that really got me going. Britney Spears – Stronger “Cause now I’m stronger than yesterday…” We’ll start off with something pop-y and cliched. This came on as I was approaching mile {Read More}