Back to Central Park

Yesterday, I had a quick overnight in NYC for work – but that was enough time for me to sneak in dinner with a few friends, plus a run in Central Park. It’s always a treat to get to go visit New York, where I lived for so long! While Colorado was chilly this weekend, Manhattan was pretty hot yesterday – it was in the mid-80s when I headed out for a run after work. So sticky! But the lack {Read More}

Race Report: Run for the Roses 5K

I had wanted to write this race report on Sunday, so it would be as fresh in my mind as possible. I had thought this was going to be an awesomely excited race report about how much faster I’m getting and how much I ended up PRing by. Instead, as I noted in Monday’s quick post, I’m incredibly disappointed and frustrated with my poor performance :( Leading up to the race, I did (mostly) everything right. I didn’t work out {Read More}

Summer Sunday in New York

This was a really fabulous summer weekend. Although I’ve spent a lot of time on planes (today is day five of taking a flight every single day), all that flying has helped me be exactly where I need to be, even when I live thousands of miles away. Yesterday, that was in Manhattan, where I got to spend an amazing afternoon/evening with Theodora. I got to New York midday Sunday, just in time for the Pride Parade, which was going {Read More}

Class Review: Mile High Run Club

My experience at Mile High Run Club is limited to one class, which I took this morning. But today was probably my favorite gym class I have ever taken in my life! Despite the Colorado-sounding name, Mile High is only in New York, so I probably won’t get to take another class for months :( Rather than wait for more experience to write a comprehensive review, I wanted to share how amazing I thought Mile High was so that anyone who lives {Read More}

Returning “Home”

Since getting back from France, I have basically just been sleeping, working, and eating – and doing a lot of all three. My mom came into NYC to visit for a few days, and we went to a lot of my old favorite restaurants where I showed no shame in eating a ton of food. Although I lost five pounds in the last month, I think I’ve put it all back on in the last week! (Though we’ll see next weekend when {Read More}

Changing Lives and Changing Relationships

On Friday, I flew to NYC for a quick getaway before I started my new project today. Spoiler alert: I’m back in Dallas to work on a new project for the client where I got to work for several years! More on that later this week. I was supposed to have Friday off work, but since this new project came on so quickly, I actually had a lot of work to do to prepare – background reading, prep calls, etc. {Read More}

Goodbye to All That

When I moved out of NYC, my mom gave me a copy of Goodbye to All That, an anthology of short essays about living in, and leaving, New York. But when I moved to Colorado, I didn’t think I’d be saying goodbye. Sure, I was moving, but I’m lucky enough to work at a job where I travel quite a bit, and I figured I’d be back to New York plenty. So far I’ve been able to visit New York three times since {Read More}

Sponsored: #LetsTalk About Long-Term Care Planning

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Genworth. I attended a live event and received a promotional item to thank me for participating. I already wrote about how my mom and I got to see each other on Thursday/Friday, which was fantastic. But part of what we did on Friday was most atypical for us. We both had the opportunity to attend a live event sponsored by Genworth Financial. Genworth is currently embarking on {Read More}

A Night at the Algonquin (Sponsored by Marriott Rewards)

Sponsored post disclaimer: Millennial Central is providing me with a promotional item, Marriott Rewards elite status, and Marriott Rewards points in exchange for this post series, but I was not pressured to write a positive review and all opinions expressed in today’s post are mine alone.  It has been a whirlwind of a weekend… and I realize it’s only halfway over! I’m on a plane back to Dallas right now for work tomorrow, but I had a bit of an extended weekend, {Read More}

Visiting My (Former) Home

I can already tell this weekend is going to be a strange one. It may be Thursday, and I may be flying my “usual” DFW-LGA route, but it feels like anything but normal. (Apologies in advance for how disjointed this post will likely be, since it’s pretty rambling with all the thoughts going through my head right now.) First of all, while I used to fly this route every week, it’s actually been a month since my last flight anywhere, which {Read More}