Night Before the Race: Niagara Falls International Marathon

I am still completely on cloud 9 after yesterday’s finish at the Niagara Falls Marathon. I know I’m being incredibly repetitive, but I just cannot believe that I have actually finished 99 marathons and am on track for NYCM to be my 100th! But back to the beginning. I got into Niagara Falls late on Thursday night, and headed to the expo on Friday morning, shortly after it opened. I was glad I did – because when I went to {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Hartford Marathon

After having such a miserable time at the Yonkers Marathon, I really wanted Hartford to go well – and so I was pretty nervous in the days leading up to the race. In particular, this time around, I was much more careful about what I ate! I started my carb loading on Thursday, having a bagel for breakfast, Indian curry over rice for lunch, and pizza + beer with Laura, Theodora, and Ashley for dinner. (Okay, so the beer wasn’t the {Read More}

Race Report: Adirondack Marathon

The Friday/Saturday leading up to the race was fairly uneventful. I worked in Dallas till Friday afternoon, then flew home to NYC on Friday night and pretty much immediately went to bed upon arrival. Saturday morning, I was up early to run errands (by bike!) and pack for the week, then at noon I was off on the Megabus to Albany. Less than 24 hours in NYC! Sometimes I really miss being home. Saturday night, my mom and I had {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Bozeman Marathon

I got into Montana on Friday night, after working for the morning at my client. My friend Lauren was at the Bozeman Airport to pick me up as soon as I arrived – but not before I got this pretty picture. From the second I landed, all I could think about was my eventual move to Colorado, and how the Rockies are absolutely the right place for me. Seeing the mountains as soon as I got off the plane filled {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Hottest Half

This weekend, I stuck around Dallas – but brought one of my best friends from New York to join in the fun. After a stressful day of meetings on Friday, I was thrilled to welcome Theodora to Texas with some margaritas and Mexican :) Along with Blake, her husband JP, and our friend Kaycee, we decided to really show her all around Uptown. We started with a happy hour at the Place at Perry’s, moved onto Gloria’s for Latin dinner {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Boilermaker 15K

I headed upstate to Albany on Friday afternoon, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the two hour bus ride was actually not terrible for my neck – as long as I stayed off the computer, that is. I spent most of the ride calling Dallas doctors and trying to find one who could fit me in early the next week, to no avail. (As I write this on Wednesday, I’m now so used to how impossible it is to {Read More}

Race Report: Vermont City Marathon

Yesterday happened to be National Running Day, and today is the third anniversary of the day I broke the world record, so I think it’s an especially fitting day for me to finally post this year’s Vermont City Marathon race report. On May 25 2008, the Vermont City Marathon was my first marathon. I was terrified going into the race – would I be able to finish? – and got through it by “running to the ice cream,” as it {Read More}

Race Report: Rock N Roll USA Marathon

Unlike Sevilla, my night before the race in DC was practically perfect. My flights to DC from Dallas went smoothly, including upgrades to first class so I could stretch out, and I even had time to grab some oatmeal in the Delta SkyClub on my layover in Cincinatti. I arrived in DC midday, hungry for lunch, and after meeting up with Theodora, I picked up a falafel wrap for lunch at a nearby food truck. The pillowy pita bread was {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Seville Marathon

After a wonderful stay in Gran Canaria, we flew back up to mainland Spain for a weekend in Seville. We arrived late at night, and were totally exhausted when we got there, so I’m sorry to admit that instead of going out, we picked up groceries at a bodega to cook dinner in our rented apartment. After a full weekend of eating some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life at various little cafes and bars in {Read More}

Night Before the Charleston Marathon

I got into Charleston pretty late last night – but that didn’t stop me from spilling out my thoughts on what I done, taking care of some emails… and then discovering that it was already midnight. I never stay up that late when I’m just home! (Yeah yeah bring on the old lady jokes.) Oops. But luckily, today was a pretty quiet day. I got to work from home (okay, from the hotel) and didn’t have a ton going on {Read More}