Race Report: Niagara Falls Marathon

Friday started out uneventfully enough – flying from Dallas to Atlanta to Buffalo. The only unusual thing was how tired I was – I ended up actually taking a nap on the Atlanta to Buffalo leg, which was very unusual for me! My mother was driving from Albany to Buffalo and we met at the airport without a hitch… but it was when we tried to cross the border into Canada that we ran into some difficulty. I carry my {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Wineglass Marathon

I was more excited for this marathon than any in a very long time. The Wineglass Marathon has been on my bucket list for a long time, but the busy fall marathon season always had conflicts. The course is a point-to-point with a net downhill, it runs through the beautiful Finger Lakes region (where I went to school and had my early start in running) just as the leaves are turning gorgeous colors and the weather is perfect for running, {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Drake Well Marathon

The weekend started out innocently enough, with yoga at DFW Airport. Between that and the light workload I had planned for Friday, I thought I’d finally get a chance to catch up on sleep. Not so – my flight arrived at 12:30am, at which point I still had to pick up a rental car and drive to my hotel in Pittsburgh before finally crashing into bed for a few hours of shut eye before a last-minute 8am meeting. Total sleep {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Colfax Marathon

I got into Denver late on Thursday night and headed to my friend Kelly’s house, where I’d be staying on Thursday and Friday nights. Despite being exhausted, I couldn’t resist staying up to catch up on life over a delicious bottle of wine! I finally crawled into bed at midnight (which to me felt like 2am Eastern, since I don’t adjust my body’s clock when I’m in Dallas and prefer to stay on Eastern time). The next morning, 6am wakeup {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Bermuda Marathon

After my post this morning, I headed to the gym for a quick (30 minute) workout. With the marathon coming up tomorrow, I knew I needed to rest my legs, and I also didn’t want to go crazy and use up my energy, so I opted for some light arm work – alternating between 10 rows and 10 overhead presses using 5lb dumbbells, and then halfway through, switching to 10 rows and 10 chest presses using 10lb dumbbells. Super light {Read More}

Race Report: Richmond Half Marathon

I didn’t talk about this race a lot in advance, because to be honest, I wasn’t feeling too confident about it. I haven’t really run that much lately, and while I was really proud of my first place finish in last week’s race – let’s be honest, that was because all the good runners were skipping it to run the real New York City Marathon :) I was very proud of my time in that race, but part of me {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Vermont City Marathon

On Saturday, I got into Burlington what I thought was several hours before my scheduled talk at 1pm, but it was actually at 12pm! I had put it into my Google Calendar while I was in Dallas (and on Central Time), not realizing that Google would put it in under Central Time and not Eastern Time, since usually it doesn’t auto-adjust my calendar when I switch time zones. It wasn’t a problem as far as preparation went, because I always {Read More}

Making My Marathon Comeback

So now that I’m being honest, I can admit that I was terrified in the days leading up the New Jersey Marathon. After my failure at the National Marathon (which I haven’t even finished writing a race report for, since I was so embarrassed to finish 2 minutes late), I was terrified about pacing again. What if I just sucked as a pacer now? Maybe I should quit running marathons and move onto something else… though I couldn’t imagine what {Read More}

Red letter start to the weekend

Yesterday, I started getting back on a productive kick. I woke up and immediately knocked out my Insanity workout (review to come soon!), and then got cleaned up to go into work. Before heading to the office though, I met up with Lysa of Chopt for an interview. Chopt was one of my favorite lunchtime spots when I was down in DC, and they also have locations in NYC – so glad I didn’t have to give that up! While {Read More}

Night Before the Race: National Marathon

This post is about my day on Friday, 3/25. I was too consumed with getting as much sleep as possible for the race to write/post this at the end of the night! Thursday night, I dosed up on the last of my medication and then went to bed at 8:30pm. Since I was working from “home” (i.e., my hotel room) on Friday and because I was skipping my usual morning workout due to being sick, I wouldn’t have to wake {Read More}