Power to the people!

Last year, I had an absolute blast pacing the National Marathon in DC, so when I got an email inviting me back, I was pretty psyched. Then I looked more closely at the times they were looking for people to staff, and saw that 4:00 was the slowest. Whoa there! As the 4:15 pacer last year, I was the slowest pacer in the race. I had many, many people coming up to me to ask where to find the 4:30 {Read More}

Race Report: New York City Marathon (Part 3)

***This is part 3 of a delayed race report from November 7, when I ran the New York City Marathon as a pacer/coach for tennis pro Justin Gimelstob. For part one, click here; for part two, click here.*** Really left you hanging with that last part of the race report, huh? Don’t worry, I turned part 3 around quickly – stay tuned for the exciting conclusion! After a grueling final few miles and just a few steps over the finish {Read More}

Race Report: New York City Marathon (Part 2)

***This is part 2 of a delayed race report from November 7, when I ran the New York City Marathon as a pacer/coach for tennis pro Justin Gimelstob. For part one, click here.*** Last year, I had been right in the front of my wave 2 start when Frank Sinatra started singing New York. This year, we were in the middle of the wave 1 start, which meant that we had a few minutes of just standing in place and {Read More}

Race Report: New York City Marathon, Part 1

I kept waking up long before my alarm went off at 5:30am, which I think is a result of my Sarah Bernhardt-like tendencies as of late that allow me to wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off. However, Daylight Savings Time has altered my perception, so I kept waking up around 4:30am instead of the 5:30am I wanted. Finally, 5:30am arrived and I got up for good. While I was wearing a cute t-shirt and jacket that {Read More}

Fueled by junk food

Yesterday was… a bit crazy on the food front. My friend Kristen and I were both hosting out-of-town guests, so we decided what better way to show them a good time than a Munch Around The Village Scavenger Hunt? My houseguest Beth and I skipped breakfast and opted for just coffee in preparation, but we were still stuffed after all the eating we had to do to win the competition (woo!). For my part, I had half a lamb gyro, {Read More}

A Very Tennis Kind Of Day

I woke up at 7am, but instead of hitting the gym, I had to get some work done. Because my run with Justin was at 9am, I needed to get some work done beforehand to make up for the fact that I’d be skipping out a bit later. At 8am, though, all work stopped – it was time to get ready. I don’t know what the rest of you do, but I typically don’t shower before going for a run {Read More}

Just call me your resident celebrity marathon trainer

I wrote this yesterday but held off on posting it until I could finalize it. Now I’m ready to make it live and give the full report on some big news! Some of you may have heard of Justin Gimelstob, the pro tennis player. His good friend Andy Roddick made a $10,000 bet with Justin that he couldn’t run a marathon. After all, Justin’s a tennis player, not a distance runner. Furthermore, he’s had a broken foot in the past {Read More}

More marathon advice inspired by The Biggest Loser

This morning at the gym, I watched the first half of the Biggest Loser Finale. I love the finale episodes – it’s always so fun to see exactly how far they’ve come! Though I really wish they’d do away with the contestants first appearing in those awful party outfits – the girls are always stuffed into their satin shiny dresses, while the men are wearing tight Euro-style suits… and I swear they don’t look that different than their before pictures! {Read More}

Race Report: Vermont City Marathon

The first thing I felt when I woke up was nervous… had it been a terrible idea to eat all that fried food and then drink beer for dinner? The answer was, surprisingly, no – I was a bit dehydrated from the alcohol, but other than that was totally fine. Yay! I tried to be very quiet while getting myself together so as not to wake up our roommate, Sara, but as it got closer to time to leave, my {Read More}

Race Report: New Jersey Marathon

Despite getting about 10 hours of sleep the night before (hurray for 9am race starts!), I didn’t feel that well-rested when I woke up. I hoped that wouldn’t spell trouble when it came time to pace. We had a very easy drive to the start (hooray for the race website advising us which hotels wouldn’t have traffic on the way to the race, and me ending up in one of those!). Once there, I immediately headed off to find Dave {Read More}