Night Before the Race: New Jersey Marathon

Friday night, my flight home from Chicago was canceled, and they had rebooked me on Saturday morning to return home. Yikes! Cutting it too close for comfort for me to get to New Jersey on Saturday, plus I didn’t want to stay in Chicago for another night. Fortunately, I persuaded the gate agent to let me try my best to dash through security to catch the 5pm flight (the only one that hadn’t been canceled), and it worked – I {Read More}

Race Report: Olathe Marathon

I arrived in Kansas City after a very smooth nonstop flight from New York, and met up with my new friend and roommate, Morgan. My friend Jackie had organized the room plan for herself, me, Morgan, and another guy Eric, and I was shocked when I found out Morgan was about my age and worked in revenue management for another airline. You mean there are two of us who do marathons? So cool! We had about a 30 minute drive {Read More}

Race Report: National Marathon

I took a half day at work on Friday so my mom and I could get out on a 1:30pm flight. I was so thrilled to have her with me for this trip! My mom is so supportive and I just love having her along with me for marathons. This one was especially nice because it was a quick and easy trip that I knew she’d enjoy (she’s not a fan of long plane rides). We arrived in Dulles around {Read More}

My pacer for Sunday has fallen through!

An e-mail from my uncle: Laura…….Stuey wanted to run alongside you this weekend to inspire and coach you to another fine performance but so far, he hasn’t been able to find his other pair of running shoes.You may have to start without him.Look for him at the finish line!Good luck!We’ll be hoping all the runners from Kenya trip or fall down.Marty

Night Before the Race: Lewis and Clark Marathon

Saturday morning found me up at 4:30 AM, probably too early to even be termed morning. Actually, Boyfriend contemplated staying up all night instead of waking up to see me off, but ultimately decided to sleep. I purposely showered the night before and laid all my clothes out, so I managed to get out the door in 15 minutes – a new record for me. It helped that Boyfriend wasn’t going with me so I felt no need to put {Read More}

Race Report: Missoula Marathon

This is a delayed race report. The actual race was run on July 12, 2009; I just suck at getting my race reports out in a timely manner. Stay tuned all this week for me to hopefully catch up! I was jolted awake this morning to the phone ringing (our wakeup call). That was followed in quick succession by the alarm clock, my cell phone alarm, my laptop alarm, and Donna’s cell phone alarm. We had really covered all our {Read More}

Negative posts and negative splits

Wow, I have really sucked at posting lately! I blame this on my company’s use of Twitter to push out some new sale fares. Like most of my coworkers, I had never used Twitter before, so we created accounts in order to see what all the buzz is about, and now I’m having a ball searching for twits about my company and then responding to them. With that kind of posting going on during the day, I get home feeling {Read More}