Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

With the Superbowl tomorrow, everyone on a diet is dreading a day typically full of chips, beer, and calorie-heavy snacks. There are a ton of articles with healthy recipes (check out Hungry-Girl and Poked and Prodded for some that look great). If you’re going to a party and you’re on a diet, bring your own yummies and try to avoid (or at least minimize) the other stuff. For my Superbowl plans, I’m running in the NYRR Gridiron Classic (4 miler) {Read More}

Low-Cal Cocktails

Tonight, I got drunk and ate crap. However, I still managed to stay within my calories for the day. How did I do it? I planned ahead to work out and eat lightly before I got to the party (see the zillions of healthy recipes I post on here for some low-cal ideas), and was careful about what I drank. The secret: maximize the alcohol, minimize the calories. If I were really hardcore, I would drink straight shots, and nothing {Read More}

New Year’s Eve Decisions

Oh, New Year’s Eve. It has the potential to be one of the greatest drinking nights of the year, but has so much pressure to fulfill that potential that it usually falls short. If you’re living in NYC, there is even more pressure due to what has become the typical way to celebrate: overpriced open bars. (If you’re wondering what this has to do with fitness, the supposed topic of my blog, I promise the relevance will eventually become apparent) {Read More}

Nutrition and Alcohol (Yes, I put those two words in the same title)

So, I broke my own advice and opened another tab last night. Bad, bad, bad. This bar had Woodchuck Cider, which is one of my favorites, but was on tap – so I got pint glasses (16 oz) instead of bottles (12 oz). As we all know thanks to Mindless Eating (if you haven’t read it, you MUST – I will post a review in the upcoming days that explains more), bigger serving sizes meant I drank more. A lot {Read More}

An Original Diet Tip for Drinking

You would think that having just started this blog a few days ago, I’d have plenty to post about and wouldn’t yet start missing updates. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. Yesterday was a busy day and I just didn’t get around to posting during the day. I planned to make up for it at night by posting an awesome dinner. We’re talking gourmet here, people. I invited my friend Barry over with promises of deliciousness, and I even stopped at {Read More}

Holiday Diet Tips – Destroyed

So my diet is totally awesome. I cook veggies, whole grains, low-fat meats, fish… all in just a bit of olive oil or low-sodium chicken broth, or grilled dry. I don’t generally cook processed pre-packaged foods, I don’t fry stuff, I don’t sit on my couch and plow through bags of potato chips or gallons of ice cream. I basically just cook healthy stuff. So – why am I not in ridiculous shape? Oh. Going out to dinner. Going out {Read More}