Learning to Catch Curveballs

As I mentioned on Friday, things have been really crazy busy for me lately… which meant that I headed out to Phoenix for Easter this past weekend stressed beyond belief. I was really worried that my stress wouldn’t subside and that I would spend the whole weekend being a Debbie Downer. Luckily, Adam came through like a champ and made my visit really fantastic and fun; it wasn’t until the plane ride home that I even remembered all the things {Read More}

New Home, New Stress, and No Organization

Ugh, and yet again, I have been a terrible blogger and haven’t posted this week outside of my Links I Love. This week has just been insanely busy! In addition to working on two clients plus a major proposal for a third client, I also had my big move from my apartment to the house on Wednesday. I still have a few things left at my old apartment (probably two or three carloads worth?) but for the most part, I’m {Read More}

Sustaining Momentum from Big Picture Inspiration: My Plan

Sorry it’s been so quiet on the blog this week! On Saturday morning, I cheated on the mountains of my home state by flying to Utah to ski in Park City. Well, to teach me a lesson about loyalty to Colorado, we had a major snowstorm all weekend in Colorado that apparently led to one of the best ski weekends of the year… but in Park City, the slopes were icy and with basically no fresh powder at all. Since {Read More}

Overscheduling and Maxing Out My Relationships

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling kind of stressed out and overscheduled. I feel like I haven’t had much time all by myself (this weekend not withstanding), and as my post yesterday illustrated, I’ve been neglecting some of the basic maintenance tasks in my life. For example, I haven’t taken my car to the car wash in months (ew), and the dining room table in my apartment is building up a pretty big stack of papers/bills “to deal {Read More}

An Unscheduled Weekend of Mishaps

This was kind of a weekend of mishaps – in large part due to some really unstructured time management on my part. On Friday night, I was supposed to meet up with a friend for dinner. Unfortunately, on Thursday night, I had gotten less than two hours of sleep – partly the result of me refusing to give up on a social activity that night even though I had work to do, and partly because… there was just so much {Read More}

The Hell (or Heaven?) of Doing Nothing

Recently, I was on an online dating site answering the quiz questions that help identify what percent of a match you are for someone else. With the format of this site, you can see all the questions and choose which ones to answer, but you don’t see the potential answer choices until you click on the question to highlight it. One of the questions was, “How do you feel after a day of doing nothing?” Curious, I clicked on it {Read More}

Why I Turned Off Text Messaging Notifications (And You Should, Too)

Most of my friends know that I haaaaaaate text messaging (SMS) with a passion. If they want to get a timely response to something (or really, if they want to be assured of a response at all), they’re much better off sending it via email. Why? Well, my given rationale used to be that SMS is an outdated technology. We all have email on our phones these days, so what is the purpose of using an SMS to send a {Read More}

How I’m Dealing with Insomnia

Ever since returning from my recruiting trip to New York a few weeks ago, my sleep schedule has been off. At first it was the normal time zone issues: I was naturally getting up much earlier than usual (5am) daily. I didn’t stress too much about it, though – I figured my schedule would eventually start shifting back to normal, especially when I’d go for a late night or two out with friends. I was definitely indulging my weird sleep {Read More}

App Review: Clever To-Do List

Nope, this is not getting the title of an “App I Love”… though it’s not bad. Keep reading to find out why – you’ll learn a lot of best practices for to-do lists and productivity in the process. Whether you’re a long time reader or not, you probably know that I absolutely love making lists… especially to-do lists. (If you haven’t already, check out my two-part post of how I organize my to-do list to GSD.) I created that Excel {Read More}

Identifying My Energy Depleters

This week has been really hectic! I spent Monday through Wednesday back in Ithaca, NY, where I went to school – my company was recruiting college students for full-time positions and I was one of the interviewers. It was really fun to be back on campus, and I loved getting to interact with students and tell them more about my job and why it’s awesome. I felt really great when I left Ithaca – finally over this stupid cold that’s {Read More}