Race Report: Winter Six Pack #3

This Saturday was race #3 in the 3W Races Westminster Six Pack Series, and if I stuck with my plan to always do the longest distance offered, it was my last time attempting the 5K distance. For races 4, 5, and 6, I’d be running 4 miles, 5 miles, and 10K, respectively. I was looking forward to the challenge, but also kind of mad at myself that I had let all the 5Ks go by without ever actually doing any {Read More}

Race Report: Winter Six Pack #2

Saturday morning was race number two in the 3W Races Westminster Six Pack series, and I was pretty excited for it. Last time around it had been so snowy that it was really difficult to run, and while it was still not going to be super warm this week, it at least wasn’t going to be so freezing that I thought my fingers would fall off! After the last race I had sworn that I would wear my big puffy ski {Read More}

Race Report: Winter Six Pack #1

The end of last week was very cold and snowy in Denver. We got a ton of snow on Wednesday that ended up causing a snow day for schools, and Thursday and Friday remained bitterly cold so that snow wasn’t going anywhere. However, before the storm threatened, I had signed up for 3W Races Winter Six-Pack Series. It’s a series of six races where each race is a little bit longer than the ones before, so you are motivated to {Read More}

Race Report: Louisville Turkey Trot 5K

I’ve been having a rough time lately – not doing well either physically or mentally. Dumb cold! But I decided that no matter how slowly I went, I wanted to get out on Thanksgiving morning for the Louisville Turkey Trot 5K, an annual race that takes place in the next town over. As a bonus, although registration is required, it’s FREE to enter; you just need to bring a donation of food or clothing to be distributed at a local {Read More}

Race Report: Drawchange 5K

I didn’t get into Atlanta until 11pm on Friday night (on September 30th – this is a very delayed race report). And then I still had to get out of the airport and get a taxi to the hotel downtown where Adam was waiting. As a result, I didn’t get to bed until about 12:30am, and then I wasn’t tired so I read until 1am – not ideal when we had a 6am alarm set to get up and head to {Read More}

Race Report: Patriot’s Day 5K

Although I had just PRed the week before in Albany, Adam and I were already signed up for the Patriot’s Day 5K on Saturday September 10, and I saw no reason not to run it. I thought it would be really fun to see the difference in my times at sea level and at altitude, and I was also really looking forward to running with Adam at my side :) My friend Claire is an ambassador for 3W Races, the race {Read More}

Race Report: Run for the Horses 5K

This weekend, I was up in Albany visiting family. My brothers are twins, and they each have two children – one of whom is born the same day as them, and one who’s born the day before. So Labor Day weekend is always a great time to go up and celebrate four birthdays at once! Knowing that I would be visiting Albany, I had decided that I’d run a 5K there, and it would be my goal race for the {Read More}

Race Report: Superior Mile

I wrote on Friday about my July goal of “eating the frog” first thing every morning. Even before I woke up today, I knew what my frog was going to be: some quality time in front of my computer, writing this blog post. This Fourth of July, I am so excited that I got to be home for my town’s annual one mile race; I was really excited to see how fast I could go. So that race was technically the first {Read More}

Race Report: Denver Heart Run 5K

Every year, my company forms a team and hosts events to raise money for the annual Denver Heart Walk. In the past, I’ve donated money, but this year, I decided to also sign up for the “competitive” 5K run that’s offered. The night before the race, I started thinking about what kind of pace I wanted to run. Although I ran a 5K in April and shocked myself with a crazy fast new PR, I had rationalized that I was {Read More}

Race Report: Tal Morrison 5K

After running over 100 marathons, a lot of my friends/coworkers think of me as a serious runner. “But wait,” I tell them, “I’m not a serious runner! My marathon times are fairly mediocre, and these days, I barely run at all!” Sometimes the person will then try to prove me wrong by asking me how much I ran this week, to which I’ll reply something like, “Ummm, probably 2-3 miles total on the treadmill over the course of a few interval classes. {Read More}