Race Giveaway: Spring Equinox Run

Well, I’m back from the neurologist.. and I have very little to report. The brain MRI did turn up an abnormality in the form of a pineal cyst (that means a cyst on my pineal gland, which is responsible for melatonin production… so perhaps the cause of my recent insomnia??), but the symptoms associated with that are not at all the same as my stroke-like symptoms last week. My doctor says she likely wouldn’t recommend surgery to remove the cyst, because she {Read More}

How to Stay Committed to Your Goals

Last week, I alluded to the fact that I was starting to think about running another marathon. In short, I need to be in Florida for work at the end of January, and I knew that was right around the time of the Miami Marathon. Out of curiosity, I went to check the dates – and saw that while Miami was actually the weekend prior, that weekend was the Melbourne Music Marathon. Florida is already an appealing destination in the {Read More}

The Great Pumpkin Haul: Training Workout and Discount Code

After several months of not doing any races, I’ve finally signed up for one. It’s less than a tenth the distance of a marathon, but it’s actually one that I need to train for all the same. Behold: The Great Pumpkin Haul. Your entry fee gets you not only a race bib, tee, and some tasty (pumpkin!) beer at the finish line, but also a pumpkin from a giant patch near the race location, at Chatfield Gardens in Littleton, CO. {Read More}

To Run Or Not To Run?

Unfortunately, not much news to report on the cervical spine front, other than how much time I’ve wasted calling doctors in the Dallas Metroplex area to try to get an appointment. Almost every receptionist I spoke with said that their respective doctor would be happy to squeeze me in at the end of August, because apparently spinal injuries are non-urgent and you can just sit tight for six weeks or so. Fortunately, a Twitter referral came through for me (Caron, {Read More}

New York City Marathon: Canceled

I wrote about the New York City Marathon on Wednesday, when I was disappointed with the NYRR’s and the city’s decision to continue with the race. However, since then, I’ve learned a lot more about the current situation across the city – and now, I am actively hoping they make the last-minute decision to cancel it. I kind of can’t believe I just wrote that. Canceling the marathon at this time would be even more difficult than had they canceled {Read More}

75th Marathon: Coast to Coast Challenge!

Though I just got my recap of last weekend up yesterday, tonight kicks off another busy and exciting weekend. It all began when I finally took the time to tally up my marathons (in an Excel worksheet, obviously) and realized that I was starting to approach the 75 mark. With our decimal number system that has 75 as a big important number (it’s 3/4 of the way to 100!), I wanted to do something exciting for my 75th marathon. At {Read More}

Nuun Hood to Coast Application 2012

As you all probably know, I’ve been strengthening my running friend relationships lately. My fitness friends are so totally awesome – even if some of them are sometimes not the best influence on me. Me: “I’m doing two marathons in May… it’s going to be busy.”Jocelyn: “You should come pace me in the New Jersey Marathon on May 6!”Me: “Hmm… okay.”Jocelyn: “And I’m doing the Country Music Half Marathon on April 28… you should come run the full so that {Read More}

Becoming certifiable

After an angry night last night, it’s time that I cheered up and focused on the positive. On Monday, I got an email from the Road Runners Club of America. They offer certification to become a running coach, which is something I’ve toyed with doing for a while. The problem is, their courses fill up crazy fast – within hours of opening. You have to be pretty darn committed and quick on your feet to get in! Which I suppose {Read More}

Halloween Marathon!

Shortly after Friday’s post, I got offered a free entry to the Marine Corps Marathon and promptly accepted. I’ve heard great things about the MCM, and am really looking forward to the opportunity to run it. Now, what makes the race especially interesting this year is that it’s being held on Sunday, October 31st. Halloween! You know what means… I want to run in some kind of fun costume. However, I think whatever costume I pick should be somewhat topical/appropriate. {Read More}

My crazy plans still seem to be working!

This morning, I had my long run scheduled. I know it’s a Friday and not a weekend, but I have a girlfriend coming to visit for the weekend, so I didn’t want to make her sit around waiting for me to finish my long run. Plus, today is the first day of the new Financial Services practice fitness challenge for work, so I figured it would be great to intimidate everyone else by opening the contest with a 20 mile {Read More}