Time to work harder

On Friday, I was lucky enough to have the day off from work, and my boyfriend had taken it off too. I decided to splurge on a guest pass to his building’s roof deck – which meant not only could we relax and sun ourselves all morning, but I also had access to his gym. I’ve already impressed him a few times with my weird ability to run a marathon and be fine immediately thereafter; now it was time to {Read More}

Pushing it to succeed

Last week, because of my travel schedule and limited access to gyms, I could only do two of the three days of Rachel Cosgrove’s Base Phase. That’s fine – there only two workouts anyway, so you’re supposed to alternate A/B/A with B/A/B; I did A/B last week and will likely only do A/B again this week, in preparation for my marathon on Saturday. There are now a whole bunch of us that are going to do the Rachel Cosgrove plan {Read More}

No longer trapped, just trap(ezius)ed out

I think it’s kind of funny that this week I’ve been complaining about feeling trapped – and now my traps are incredibly sore from the workout I did to relieve that stress. Sorry, I’m a word geek like that. After my Monday meltdown, I spent yesterday getting back on track – and that included going back to Rachel Cosgrove’s Female Body Breakthrough. I talked a big game yesterday about how maybe I was too advanced to do the Base Phase {Read More}

Balanced on the ledge of crazy

Last night, I had a little bit of a meltdown. Mondays are always pretty tough on me. I have to be up at 4:45am ET to catch my flight – but since the flight is at 6:15am, which is a fairly normal waking time, I’m usually pretty awake by the time I actually board. So I spend the flight working and then arrive in Dallas around 9:30am and head to the office to start my day. (Yes, start my day {Read More}

New workout: Chalene Johnson’s "Push"

Several years ago, I stumbled across Charlotte’s blog, The Great Fitness Experiment, and I was totally hooked. A new workout every month? Tracking stats to see what was most effective? So cool, especially since I could just follow Charlotte and the Gym Buddies vicariously and learn from their mistakes. I fell in love with Rachel Cosgrove’s Female Body Breakthrough, which first introduced me to the concept of lifting heavy, and it completely changed how I viewed workouts. This was the {Read More}

Getting back into a routine

This has been a strange week for me. Theodora wrote an interesting post last night about the importance of finding a routine – but this week, my routine has been way more disrupted than usual. First, there was the food poisoning. while in November I was pretty much getting a workout in every day (sometimes two or three in a day, if I opted to do multiple shorter ones instead of one big weight lifting or cardio session), that all {Read More}

Breaking the Routine

When I’m on the road, it can be hard to find healthy food. I end up finding one or two dishes at various local restaurants that are at last somewhat comparable to my home cooked meals, and then getting those all the time. The predictability is key – different restaurants do different preparations that can make a seemingly healthy dish terrible for you. Take, for example, my usual breakfast spot in Charlottesville – Cafe Cubano. My first time there, I {Read More}

Just keeping it moving (a healthier approach)

I woke up this morning to a tweet from Rachel Cosgrove, and was giddy. How cool is it that we live in such a connected age that when I mention that I got sore doing a famous and highly sought after trainer’s program, she wrote back to me with this advice: Seriously, how cool is that?! I love Twitter/the internet. But beyond the coolness of it, it’s very sage advice. While there are times when you need to stop being {Read More}

Feeling the Burn

Yesterday on the plane, I read The New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women. While its primary author is Lou Schuler, it has coauthors for the diet and fitness parts: Candace Forsythe and Alwyn Cosgrove, respectively. That last name sound familiar? Yup, Alwyn Cosgrove is the husband of Rachel Cosgrove’s The Female Body Breakthrough, which I was obsessed with for more than a few months! The fitness approach in The New Rules of Weightlifting turned out to be almost identical {Read More}

Adjusting and Getting a Fresh Start

This week has been flying by! I’m headed back to NYC tonight because I have a company event to attend tomorrow. While I still will be working tomorrow and Friday, my time at the client was cut super short – first because I couldn’t find a flight to get me to the office before lunchtime on Monday, and then because I have to fly out this afternoon. To further exacerbate the problem, my client was at a different location Monday {Read More}