An epiphany… or am I in denial?

This morning, on my way to the shower, I glanced in the mirror… and I actually liked what I saw! Strange, given how much I was cursing my butt/thighs after the fiasco trying to find jeans that fit for my Superbowl party. But when I looked in the mirror, my butt looked round and perky (Rachel Cosgrove’s workout really does produce awesome butts!), and even my thighs actually looked pretty shapely. Which got me to thinking… Is it possible that {Read More}

Resetting the panic button

This weekend, the scale was not kind to me. I usually don’t weigh myself while I’m on the road, since there isn’t a scale in my hotel room and I like to weigh myself naked, which doesn’t work out so well at the gym. Therefore, I typically only weigh myself when I’m home for a weekend. Weighing myself every two weeks is probably a healthy way to do it anyway, because it decreases dependence on the scale and risks of {Read More}

The importance of proper form

Recently, I’ve been considering writing a post titled something like, “too strong for my own good,” in which I’d write about how, for some exercises, I’m just too strong to keep doing them. For example, under Rachel Cosgrove’s plan, one of my workouts involves three sets of planks. One of the main principles behind her plan is that every workout, you’re supposed to increase the weight/intensity of what you do – which with planks means going longer and longer. However, {Read More}

Happy Ab Month!

I just heard from Runner26 that February is National Ab Month. Yippee! The idea is to do some ab work every day for the month of February (the shortest month!) with the purpose of “strengthening the core for that spring marathon, looking good for vacation, seeing just how many crunches could be done in 28 days, etc.” Since we could all use a little spice in our abs routines, I thought I’d do a little ABsolut(ly) Fit storytelling (sorry, couldn’t {Read More}

January in Review

Today I was looking at Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn’s Lower Body Workout, and I realized that I do all of that as part of Rachel Cosgrove’s workout. Perhaps I will become an Olympic skier soon? I suppose we’ll see in a few weeks when I hit the Alps! ;) Speaking of Rachel Cosgrove’s workout, it’s time for a check in on my New Year’s resolutions! Wow, can you believe how quickly January went by? This year, instead of waiting till {Read More}

The number I love

So while yesterday was explaining why I don’t like the scale and have to try not to rely on it for weight loss progress, today is going to be about the numbers I do like to use: the amount of weight I’m lifting. Today I had probably the best workout of my life. I thought I was going to throw up at one point, I thought I was going to pass out at another point, and I actually grunted during {Read More}

A reminder: scales suck

Lately, I’ve been pretty darn happy with my body. I’ve been away from home, so I haven’t had access to my usual scale at home, but I do think I’m getting more fit. While my clothes may not be fitting loosely (yet), they’re fitting very comfortably – which is a step up from when I used to be traveling for consulting and my clothes would be constricting me because of the extra poundage I was putting on (and water retention {Read More}

A surprisingly simple form of relaxation

Well, I managed to get my passport (thank you, roomie and FedEx!) and get to Nassau without further incident, but not before starting a fun FlyerTalk thread wherein other frequent fliers offered tips if you too are ever dumb enough to forget your passport when you’re in a different city en route to your international destination. Pretty helpful! Miami was pretty cold – I was wearing my scarf and wool coat when I was outdoors catching the airport shuttle! – {Read More}

Kicking the week off to a great start

Today was a busy day! On the diet/exercise front, I did an awesome job. Today ended up being my first day I followed every single one of Rachel Cosgrove’s diet rules – a little silly that it’s taken me this long to get it right :) For those not on the plan, the rules are: Breakfast within 15 mins of waking up Meals every 3-4 hours Different high-quality protein at every meal Fruit or veggie at every meal/snack No processed {Read More}

Female Body Breakthrough Base Phase in Review

While I’m not going to post any pictures until I’ve been doing this long enough where I actually feel like I look awesome in a bikini, I thought I’d at least post a mini-update of how things are going on Rachel Cosgrove’s Female Body Breakthrough. First of all, I am definitely working up a sweat each and every time I do a workout. Boy, I’m telling you – I can really feel a big difference between this and the useless {Read More}