Healthy Recipe: Goat Cheese, Roasted Butternut Squash, and Port-Soaked Cranberries

As I mentioned yesterday in my Thanksgiving post, I mostly kept my Thanksgiving menu pretty traditional and served all the same dishes as last year… except one. While I usually serve butternut squash soup as an appetizer to start the meal, soup is really just too filling to kick off a Thanksgiving dinner. Plus, I’d rather serve something that guests can munch on while chatting, rather than having to be seated with utensils in hand. Fortunately, my mom shared with {Read More}

Healthy Meal: New England Veggie Clam Chowder

Despite it being almost April, this afternoon I felt a bit of a chill in the air due to some impending rain – and I found myself desperately craving clam chowder. Clam chowder is usually a pretty unhealthy dish, thanks to the potatoes and heavy cream, but I have a ton of Chobani Greek yogurt in the fridge – surely that could be used to thicken it? I drew inspiration from about a dozen online recipes (most notably Rocco DiSpirrito’s and {Read More}

Healthy Recipe: Buffalo Blue Cheese Brown Rice and Crab

This morning, I did a Refine Method class at 9:30am, then headed out to run a loop of Central Park with my friend Steph afterward. Having only fueled for all that exercise with a bowl of steel cut oatmeal topped with a spoonful of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, I was famished when I got home, and wanted pretty much everything I could possibly think of. The result? This mish-mosh recipe, which makes a massive bowl and yet is pretty darn healthy. {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Homemade Veggie Ramen Noodle Soup

This morning, our Athleta running group was teed up for our first double digit run: 10 miles! The More Half Marathon is just 3 weeks away, and everyone is doing an awesome job with the training plan. Only two long runs left! Last night I went to Katie’s housewarming party and had a great time, but still made it to bed 11:30pm. 8.5 hours of sleep = bliss! Laura stayed at my apartment so that she’d be closer to the {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Spinach Dal

This week, I’m working from home – which has changed a lot about my lifestyle. Relevant to this story, it’s that I’m working independently and have access to a kitchen – which means I can eat lunch whenever I want to (instead of when my coworkers get hungry), and I can cook lunch in the kitchen. Bliss! Today I was craving Indian for lunch. I keep a few Tasty Bite meals on hand at all times (usually for Thursday nights {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Zucchini Cheddar Soup

One thing I love about working from home is the ability to eat healthy for lunch. When I work in New York City, I can certainly bring lunch from home, which is healthier than getting takeout. But when I’m working in my own apartment, I can cook up whatever my little heart desires. Today’s menu? Zucchini soup. I got this recipe by Googling around for something to do with zucchini, since I have a ton of it in my fridge. {Read More}

Trying some new things

To mark the start of the holiday weekend,I met up with some girlfriends at The Redhead for dinner, and then moved on to The Belgian Room for craft beer. Yum! Knowing that we were going to be getting free frites at The Belgian Room, I tried to go light on my entree at The Redhead, opting for the appetizer-size portion of shrimp and grits while all my girlfriends had the fried chicken platter (their specialty, and supposedly the best fried {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Pan-Seared Scallops with Ginger-Orange Spinach

Last night, I skipped my late night workout in favor of trying to get a bit more sleep, since I had woken up tired. That meant I only got in 45 minutes on the elliptical as my total workout for the day. I love that these days I refer to a 45 minute workout as “only” :) I got up again at 7am this morning, but this time didn’t have much trouble getting off when my alarm went off. I {Read More}

Low-Key Cooking and Cleaning

While my weekend was low-key, it was pretty darn fantastic, and I feel great about getting this week kicked off right. This weekend marks the start of the spring marathoning season for me – only one week’s break from now until I finish my 50 states!!! Crazy. Now I just have to hope I don’t get injured… On Friday, my mom came down from Albany (yes, in the midst of the big snowstorm). She took the Megabus so she wouldn’t {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Turkey Dog and Chow Chow Slaw

So you all know that quote from Mean Girls about Halloween? “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” What can I say – I dress very conservatively most of the time, but on Halloween, I live by that rule :) Well, I won’t bare my stomach, but I definitely go for the short skirt, low cut top, etc. Boyfriend and I want to {Read More}