Happy 30th Birthday To Me

When you’re ten years old, you can’t really think for yourself – you go to school and do what your parents tell you. When you’re a baby, you can’t even take care of your bodily functions. So I think that 20 is the first decade where it’s fair to compare what you’ve made of yourself in the world. And boy, have I come a long way since I was 20! Today I turned 30 years old, and I couldn’t be {Read More}

Continuing to ponder the work-life balance

Last week, I wrote one of my most honest posts to date, on how I’m feeling about the relationships in my life. I was surprised to find a lot of empathy from others – I guess this is something that is pretty common after all! Since no one ran me out of the blogosphere with nastiness for my last post, I’m going to try to stop censoring and start writing what’s really on my mind. When I wrote that last {Read More}

That true blue BFF

Lately, all my travel is really wearing on me. Earlier this year, I was in DC four days a week, and then traveling so much on weekends (Europe, woo!) that I was only home a few days a month. I started losing friends (okay, maybe not losing, but drifting away from and losing closeness) as a result of my traveling, so I made it a point to mostly stop the weekend travel and make myself more open for weekend planning. {Read More}

The Friday Night Conundrum

As a single girl in NYC, every week I face the Friday night conundrum: to go out, or not to go out? When I’m dating someone, I love spending a quiet Friday night at home with him. Watch a movie, cook or get takeout, and basically just cuddle up in bed until I drift off to sleep at the geriatric hour of 9pm or so. (To explain: after a long week of work, especially with my current travel schedule where {Read More}

The stress is almost over…

This week has been crazy. I think I mentioned that Boyfriend is apartment hunting, but it’s been so much crazier than I thought. His lease is up June 30th, so still being undecided and looking at apartments through today was really stressful! We’ve been going into work at 6 AM in order to get out early enough to see apartments in the afternoon, and then Boyfriend has even been going back to work after that and not getting home until {Read More}

Happy New Year!

January 2 – time to review 2008 and officially declare my New Year’s resolutions! (And none of them are to avoid procrastinating… hmm…) Last year, I set three goals: to complete a half-marathon, to get certified as a personal trainer, and to run 600 miles. In reverse order:I hit 575 miles by September 7 (and that was with a lot of miles not counted, because I sucked at tracking them). I have certainly run more than 25 miles since then. {Read More}

Chia, stop paying off Boyfriend to sabotage my weight loss

Yesterday I planned to go on a long run in the morning, ending at Boyfriend’s place where I could enjoy the Westin Heavenly Shower I got him for Christmas. His phone was on vibrate across the room, so he didn’t hear me calling and didn’t give me a call until 5 PM, when it was already dark out. Last night, I planned to go to a free pilates class at Lululemon Athletics. I haven’t taken pilates in years and I {Read More}