Dallas Restaurant Review: HG Sply Co

What is a healthy meal? To some people, it’s one that’s low in calories. They will eat a steady diet of Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Lean Cuisine, and think they’re doing something good for their body. In my opinion, that’s not always the healthiest way to go. A low calorie diet will lead to weight loss, but isn’t necessarily high in nutrients or really good for your body. Don’t get me wrong, I have been counting calories using MyFitnessPal (friend me!) {Read More}

Review: LYFE Kitchen Grocery Meals

One of the perks of attending Wanderlust’s Yoga in the City a few weeks ago was getting to try a lot of great healthy vendors at the booths next to the “yoga meadow.” I was pretty impressed with the lineup – while I’ve been to some “healthy living” events that have vendors I would consider to be low-cal or low-fat but not necessarily healthy, I thought the Yoga in the City crew did a great job lining up a lot {Read More}

Southern Weekend in Chas

After the marathon (full race report coming tomorrow!), I headed back to my hotel to shower… and stretch. I was actually quite sore, and I had an annoying pain in my left quad. It didn’t feel like normal marathon soreness, and the flat course didn’t really lend itself to quad pain, so I was (and am) still perplexed as to what it could be. It’s very concentrated in one small area, but also incredibly tender to the touch – so {Read More}

Race Report: PNC Pittsburgh Turkey Trot

On Sunday, I hosted Thanksgiving in New York. I was so excited for my mom and many of my closest friends to come join me for a feast. My New York apartment may be tiny, but I fit in eight wonderful people and a ton of delicious food: -Butternut squash soup–Cornbread-Wild rice–Green bean casserole-Mashed potatoes–Honey orange carrots–Vegan creamed corn–Garlic collard greens–Sage and onion stuffing-Raw cranberry sauce–Herb-roasted turkey breast-Gravy–Quinoa apple cake–Peach rosemary crisp–Caramel pumpkin gingersnap cheesecake After enjoying that delicious feast {Read More}

Restaurant Review: Per Se

After my brunch on Saturday morning, I went on a self-imposed fast for the rest of the day. Big things were brewing: I was off to check out the New York Times-rated best restaurant in New York City, Per Se. My good friend from college, Barry, works in investment management. As part of his career path, he was required to study and pass the Chartered Financial Analyst exam series – three very difficult tests that each require months of preparation {Read More}

Restaurant Review: Chopt Creative Salad

Today was a super productive day for me – which is why I’m not writing this blog post till so late at night! But I wanted to take the opportunity to talk a little bit more about my latest obsession: chopped salads. Up until this year, I had never had a chopped salad before. The classic “chopped salad” is what a lot of steakhouses serve: iceberg lettuce, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, avocado, blue cheese, bacon, tomato, onion, and an {Read More}

Copenhagen Restaurant Review: Relae

After resting all afternoon, I was ready and eager to get going on Saturday night! A few weeks ago, when I first booked my trip to Copenhagen, I started pulling out all the stops to try to eat at Noma, recently taking the title from El Bulli as the best restaurant in the world. However, reservations there are taken 6 months in advance, and it’s next to impossible to get one inside that window. On the bike tour, we rode {Read More}

Top Chef Restaurant Review: Social Eatz, by Angelo Sosa

My goodness, what a weekend! On Thursday, I had a work social event that ended up being pretty fruitful for me. I spoke with our CEO for about 20 minutes and the head of financial services for about 30, all about my thoughts on our integration (we were acquired a few months ago) and what cultural changes were still necessary to make it successful at the junior staff levels. On Friday, in the all day meetings we had, the CEO {Read More}

Breakfast at Starbucks

Boyfriend is going to be crazy busy at work this week with a major deck due, so we decided that instead of staying together as usual, we’d take most nights “off” and instead meet up at Starbucks for a quick coffee in the mornings on our way to work. I’m not sure if you any of you are familiar with Lisa from Hungry Girl, but she puts out a daily newsletter full of diet tips that I really like. Most {Read More}

A dieting triumph!

Tonight I finally hit on a restaurant that can make what I want. Turner Fisheries is right in the hotel (well, not really in the hotel… but the hotel connects to a large plaza and it’s right in that) where I stay, and for dinner I was able to order 6 oz swordfish grilled dry, with a seafood stock “sauce” (no butter!), some roasted fingerling potatoes that just have a bit of olive oil on them, and two pieces of {Read More}