Restaurant Review: B.Good

When searching for healthy restaurants in Boston, one place kept coming up: B.Good. According to the story on their website, “Our plan is simple – fill the void. Serve “real” food. You know, the foods we all love, like burgers, salads, chicken sandwiches, and fries. The difference? Our food is better for you because we use the healthiest ingredients and cooking methods. And our food tastes better because we take the time to make it right – homemade & fresh {Read More}

Restaurant Review: Fresh City

According to their website, “At Fresh City, we consider it our civic duty to provide fresh, wholesome alternatives to fast foods.” Since I wasn’t all that impressed with yesterday’s attempt to be like fast food but healthier, today I went for the “alternatives.” Having done all the research in advance, and knowing that I needed something vegetarian because it’s Ash Wednesday, I got there and immediately opted for the Truly Tuna on low carb wheat tortilla. At 407 calories, it’s {Read More}

Restaurant Review: KnowFat Lifestyle Grille

Today was a fairly successful day as far as diet and exercise go. I dragged myself out of bed at 6 in order to work out before work, and actually got 20 minutes of arms resistance in. For breakfast, I splurged calorie-wise on some oat bran French toast from room service (but at least it was on the Hilton Eat Right menu, so it wasn’t terrible). It was great, but because it was just a bit higher than I wanted {Read More}