Healthy Meal: Chicken-Beet Salad Sandwiches with Onions and Goat Cheese

I picked up some beets at the farmer’s market at Lincoln Center, and then went searching for a way to use them other than just plain as a side dish. What I came up with is an adaptation of a recipe I found over at Food Network under a ridiculously cheesy name. I’ve modified it quite a bit, so I’m going to post my own full version of the recipe. Recipe:Take a beet (~85g), peel it, dice it, and boil {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Apple Chicken Salad Sandwich

I know I’ve been really lax about posting healthy meals lately. I’ve eaten out a few times, eaten leftovers other times, and just plain gotten lazy and not written a post the rest of the time! I do have the pictures saved, so expect me to catch up and provide a lot of great meals over the next few days. Today I’m going to start by posting a lunchtime treat from Monday: apple chicken salad on whole wheat mini pita {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Sirloin Bourguignonne Burger and Greek Salad

This is one of the first things I “learned how to cook” when I first started cooking. It’s not really cooking, per se; it’s really just grilling and combining a few different ingredients. However, it comes out really good, and the flavors work well together. I paired it with a simple Greek salad. Recipe notes for the burger:I’ve changed this recipe a lot, though I think Food Network may have changed it on their site? I distinctly remember using a {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Super Tuscan Burgers and Potato Salad

Tonight I’m back in the swing of things with some burgers and potato salad. I know, not your typical dinner OR your typical winter food (more of a summertime picnic lunch), but it was good and a delicious way to use up the ground turkey that I had. Sorry for the picture sucking. Tomorrow I’m going to buy brighter lightbulbs for our living room so I can take pictures without the flash and they hopefully won’t be too dark. Recipe {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Minestrone alla Genovese and Panini con Rucola e Prosciutto

Tonight’s dinner I was kind of concerned about. It’s a two-part dinner, and I checked out the calories before I made it. The soup alone was 690, and I was sure that the grilled ham and cheese would add a ton! However, I was really hungry, and decided to make both anyway. I tried to take the pictures with no flash, but I think they came out worse than with the flash. Our living room just isn’t bright enough for {Read More}