Healthy Meal: New England Veggie Clam Chowder

Despite it being almost April, this afternoon I felt a bit of a chill in the air due to some impending rain – and I found myself desperately craving clam chowder. Clam chowder is usually a pretty unhealthy dish, thanks to the potatoes and heavy cream, but I have a ton of Chobani Greek yogurt in the fridge – surely that could be used to thicken it? I drew inspiration from about a dozen online recipes (most notably Rocco DiSpirrito’s and {Read More}

Healthy Recipe: Buffalo Blue Cheese Brown Rice and Crab

This morning, I did a Refine Method class at 9:30am, then headed out to run a loop of Central Park with my friend Steph afterward. Having only fueled for all that exercise with a bowl of steel cut oatmeal topped with a spoonful of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, I was famished when I got home, and wanted pretty much everything I could possibly think of. The result? This mish-mosh recipe, which makes a massive bowl and yet is pretty darn healthy. {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Pan-Seared Scallops with Ginger-Orange Spinach

Last night, I skipped my late night workout in favor of trying to get a bit more sleep, since I had woken up tired. That meant I only got in 45 minutes on the elliptical as my total workout for the day. I love that these days I refer to a 45 minute workout as “only” :) I got up again at 7am this morning, but this time didn’t have much trouble getting off when my alarm went off. I {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Well-Dressed Salmon

After an amazing time at the wedding this weekend – but way too much delicious wedding food and drink – it’s now time for some detox. When most people “detox,” they mean some stupid restrictive diet that ends up with them probably less healthy when they started. My version of detox is far healthier and far more delicious: I just avoid junk food, limit starchy carbs, and load up on the fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. Tonight’s dinner is the {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Brandy and Orange Chicken Breasts Topped with Stuffed Shrimp

You asked for it, and you got it: my meals and recipe modifications are back! After a grueling race yesterday (halfway done with the race report), my muscles are pretty sore and in need of some recovery. Combining that with the fact that I have a ton of frozen proteins I want to start using up, the solution was to use crab, shrimp, and chicken in this recipe from Rachael Ray for Brandy and Orange Chicken Breasts Topped with Stuffed {Read More}

New Year’s Countdown!

With Feast-mas over, I now have 10 days of vacation until I go back to work on January 5. My plans for that time? Working my tail off at the gym and eating well so I start the new year right. If I wait until January 1st, I’ll probably get slowed down at the gym by all the new year’s resolutioners. It’s so easy to give up when all the machines are taken and all the lanes in the pool {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Grilled Swordfish with Couscous and Salad

I haven’t posted a healthy meal in a very long time, mostly because I’m only home two or three days a month lately. The rest of my time is spent in various hotel rooms with no kitchenettes or other cooking methods. However, I am sick and tired of the weight I’m gaining from eating out all the time and asking for steamed veggies and getting them drenched in butter “because I’m not allergic.” So how am I able to cook {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Grilled Swordfish with Moroccan Charmoula

I had some leftover swordfish, so I went browsing for recipes on Food Network. It seemed like almost every recipe was citrus-y, but I wanted something different since I just did a citrus swordfish on Thursday. I finally found this recipe, which has some savory Moroccan flavors. Recipe notes:I had a craving for potatoes since I was good and avoided the buttery potatoes my friend ordered and offered me at brunch this morning, so I decided to make mashed potatoes {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Grilled Swordfish and Spaghetti with Citrus Pesto

Tonight I wanted to eat really lightly, because I had pigged out a bit last night at a team dinner. I also knew I had some swordfish in the freezer, so I pulled out this recipe that I had saved a while ago. Even if you make it according to the directions, it’s pretty healthy, but I was able to make it even better. I paired it with some frozen mixed beans for a little extra veggie fix. Recipe notes: {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Spicy Shrimp and Bok Choy Noodle Bowl

I’ve made this recipe before and actually loved it, but now that I’ve discovered shiritaki noodles I thought I could cut some calories and make it even healthier. However, Daily Plate was having some problems when I tried to put this in, and it originally told me the recipe was 39 calories. I got ridiculously excited, and was disappointed when I came to my senses and realized that wasn’t possible. The server issues went away, and now it’s showing a {Read More}