Weekend Recap: Welcome 2018!

My first weekend of the new year was also my last weekend of my holiday break. I was bummed not to have gotten more done in my two weeks at home, but I also felt pretty relaxed going into the weekend. Maybe there’s something to be said for doing nothing on occasion? This weekend, I didn’t have a lot planned up front – but at the last minute, some fun stuff came together and turned it into a pretty great {Read More}

An Ode to my iPod Nano

Ever since December, I’ve been trying to clean out my house and get a rid of a ton of stuff. And for the most part, I’ve been pretty successful! I’m not following Marie Kondo or anything, but I have been replacing things in my house that were placeholders with new pieces that, as corny as it sounds, genuinely give me joy. One thing that I haven’t gotten rid of or replaced, though, is my clock radio, circa 2003. Let’s be honest, {Read More}

January Goal Progress: Week 4 Check In

This weekend didn’t quite go the way I expected. I wrote on Thursday about how I had a weekend with almost nothing planned, and I was looking forward to reading, sipping tea, and getting a lot of work done. But my schedule ended up filling up rather quickly – which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing to have some distractions. On Saturday morning, I went to a Meetup group that happened to be at the home of another Denver-area blogger – Karissa! {Read More}

Skiing is the New Golf

I’ve never learned how to golf, partly because I suck so much at mini-golf that I figured there was no point in embarrassing myself further. I’ve been forced to try driving ranges like Top Golf at company events, but those thankfully end up being a lot more socializing and lot less actually hitting balls. And then there was that time I was trying really hard to follow a coworker’s tips for good form, and hit the ball (what I thought was) {Read More}

TGI Flyday: Unexpectedly Looking Forward to the Weekend

Thursday = Flyday in consulting land, and with all the winter storms going on, I was a little worried I wouldn’t make it out tonight. The Dallas forecast was “snow and thunderstorms”, which is pretty much the worst possible forecast you can ever have in Texas, and so I was checking my flight status most of the afternoon, prepared for the worst. Fortunately, I’m in flight now, and psyched to finally be sleeping in my own bed tonight. Tomorrow is {Read More}

Bluebird Spring Ski Day at Winter Park

So first, let’s start with the boring disclaimer: I’m so sorry to not be posting as much lately; things have just been so busy! New projects at work (i.e., new clients), new projects at home (i.e., contemplating building this pizza oven… any bets on whether I will blow up my new house in the process?), and of course, new activities that I sign myself up for and then later bemoan how busy I am (but seriously, any locals want to {Read More}

Colorado Anniversary in the Mountains

This weekend was my one year anniversary of moving to Colorado, and I celebrated in a really awesome and typical-Colorado way: by heading out to the mountains for a weekend of skiing with a huge group of friends! Twelve of us rented a beautiful slopeside condo in Beaver Creek, and had a fabulous weekend skiing and snowshoeing. Plus, our afternoons and evenings were then spent toasting drinks in the hot tub, around the dining room table while playing Cards Against {Read More}

Ski Lesson #3: Don’t Lean Back; Lean In

Between some new exciting things at work, plumbing issues with my townhouse in New York, difficulty getting vendor bids for work on my new house in Colorado, and a lot of travel (friends visiting me + me visiting friends)… it’s been nutty around here. As a result, my routine has been completely thrown off and I haven’t made the time to get a blog post up. I am just proud of myself for at least throwing together Sunday’s links I {Read More}

Adventure Inspiration: Banff Mountain Film Fest

Tomorrow is March 1st, which means it’s about time for me to recap my favorite TED talks of February. However, today I want to talk about an awesome and inspiring event I attended last night: the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Wondering what the Banff Mountain Film Festival is, and how I got to see it in Denver? Basically, the regular festival (which features all short films and documentaries about mountain culture and adventure sports) takes place in Banff; however, immediately {Read More}

Beaver Creek and World-Class Skiing (Plus World-Fail Line Standing)

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day. I crammed as much work as I could into the morning, then headed over to my realtor’s office in the afternoon for a pretty serious discussion – we needed to talk pricing for my second try at putting in an offer on a house! I am really hopeful about this one, and put in what I think is a really strong offer, so cross your fingers for me – I am incredibly nervous until {Read More}